Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama Shining Palin's Shoes While Throwing Away Our Society

Today, I saw something I've never seen before in America. What is commonplace in Cuba and Venezuela has now happened here. People from the left, the card carrying members of the A.C.L.U., think that those of us from the right are the great censors. Obama, his minions, and the kool aid drinkers, have proved them wrong. Today, the left has removed a video because they don't want us to see it because it didn't paint them in a holy light.
Today, a skit from Saturday Night Live was withdrawn from the internet quicker than the recipe for meth. The skit I refer to was about the mortgage and financial meltdown and who really was at fault. Starring in the parody were actors portraying Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, George Soros, and George W. Bush. Like most of the modern SNL skits, it wasn't terribly funny. I believe the left's problem was that it was far too close to the truth.

The real problem that I have is if Obama can have this done now, what will he be able to censor if he becomes President???????


MK said...

Leftists are like the Islamists, they both waffle on about peace, tolerance, diversity, love and all that, but their actions always speak otherwise. Scratch a leftist or a radical islamist and sooner rather than later, you'll find a fascist. And it'll be a lying fascist to boot.

Aurora said...

What will he be able to censor? Absolutely everything. This man is a very dangerous psychopath in my opinion and we won't see the full implication of that until he's in power and the honeymoon period is over.

Anonymous said...

It's still available if you look in the right place. There's no way they can stop it from becoming viral; they'll just make it harder, not impossible. Hard to believe that this anti-Dem skit even saw the light of day on NBC...


Anonymous said...

I love racist PIGS! Have fun in hell bitches! If and I say IF, McCain wins, I hope he taxes your ass so bad that you become homeless. It's inevitable. It has nothing to do with the issues, just admit that you have a problem with a HALF black man running this country and that his name sounds like a familiar villian. Get over yourelves already. And YES, I AM WHITE!!! Difference between you and me is that I have home training and you don't. There's a place for people like you. Only God can judge you now.

Zen said...

well anon 3:09, like the rest of your pathetic ilk, you forget who provides the jobs in this country. I have a hint for you, it isn't poor people. So unless you're like those wretches that are employed by the government, you need people like me. I provide jobs with a decent wage. What have you done with your life? Living on welfare doesn't count as an accomplishment, you leftist piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

"withdrawn from the internet"? You mean taken down off of youtube?

hey, dummy, have you ever heard of copyright infringement? SNL is owned by NBC. NBC is a co-owner of hulu.com. ALL SNL videos are exclusive to Hulu. NBC sends takedown notices to any other site that posts its videos, including SNL videos.

If you are so dumb as to think that the ACLU is censoring free speech, then you clearly fit right in with the GOP.

Just so you can't say no one every told you: the ACLU is not affiliated with any political party; they routinely defend the free speech rights of people on both sides of the political spectrum; this is the entire purpose of their organization; the very last thing they would ever do would be to engage in censorship.

that being said, you are welcome to continue going through life as a mushy-brained fool.

Zen said...

dear anon 7:58, please work on your reading comprehension. I said the card carrying members of the aclu think those on the right are the great s=censors. Nowhere did I write that the aclu took the video down.
I do truly believe Obama's Truth squads had the video pulled and edited. It is back up everywhere including youtube. Just not nearly in its original form.
Thanks for playing anyway farktard!!
Your Pal,

Anonymous said...

Facist? Psychopath?
Look in the mirror you lunatics