Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election 2010- The people Have Spoken

A hearty congratulations to all of the winners!!

This was by far the nastiest campaign cycle I can remember. There was enough mud slung to accommodate all the pigs on earth. I honestly believe that those that were the worst offenders paid a hefty price per gallon of mud. Think Eachus, Kanjo, and Carney.

The reality is the American people were voting as much on Pres. Obama's agenda as they were the candidates. I hope that those newly elected and those sitting incumbents have heard the message. It couldn't be more clear that the American people do not want our great nation drifting into the abyss that the far left seems to think that everybody wants. Fact is, as proven by the election results, the overwhelming majority wanted the brakes firmly applied to Obama's whacked out vision for the country.

I sincerely hope they all got the message and live up to the promise of representing their constituents rather voting the way their party tells them to. This goes out to both democrats and republicans. You have to now know that we are watching and we will send you packing as well should you forgot who it is you actually work for.

I honestly cannot wait for the Presidential address at 1:00pm. Will Pres. Obama acknowledge the overwhelming rejection of his agenda or will he simply write it off to the people not being patient enough??? I have many friends from the D side of the aisle and most said they'd give Obama 2 years to accomplish some good. Two years came and two years went. The only thing this administration has accomplished is America being in far worse shape than it was.

If those newly elected and sitting incumbents work for a better America together, we will all be better off.