Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why is Paul Kanjorski afraid of Lou Barletta?

For Immediate Release Contact: Shawn Kelly
October 15, 2008

Why is Paul Kanjorski afraid of Lou Barletta?
Is Kanjorski afraid to go toe-to-toe with Lou?
Tonight’s event in Monroe County is the latest example
HAZLETON – Vince Galko, manager for the campaign of U.S. Congressional candidate Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta, issued the following statement:
Five months ago Mayor Lou Barletta challenged Paul Kanjorski to a series of 11 debates. This would have consisted of six 30-minute issue debates on radio and five public debates – one in each of the five counties of the 11th Congressional District. Paul Kanjorski was not up to the task.
Mayor Barletta said he would drop the radio debate challenge and asked for a debate in each of the five counties of the district. Surely, Paul Kanjorski doesn’t think one county of the district is better than another, so then why not allow each county to host a debate? Paul Kanjorski still couldn’t muster the backbone to do it.
Over the summer, invitations to participate in debates and forums poured into the campaign offices. Everyone from local network television stations to college students to non-profit groups requested debates and forums. Each time, Lou Barletta accepted the challenge, and each time Paul Kanjorski was “too busy.”
Here are three specific examples:
· The Lackawanna Taxpayer Association invited both candidates to debate. Mayor Barletta accepted. Mr. Kanjorski never accepted, so Lou Barletta agreed to do a forum with the group on his own on October 2. Only after Mayor Barletta accepted the October 2 date did Paul Kanjorski contact the group and agree to appear on a separate date – this Thursday, October 16.
· The Center for Independent Living tried to organize of forum on disability issues for October 9. Mayor Barletta agreed. Mr. Kanjorski did not agree and requested time on a separate day.
· The Columbia County Farm Bureau invited the two candidates to a forum on agriculture issues on Saturday, October 11. Mayor Barletta accepted. Mr. Kanjorski did not even reply until the last minute. He sent an aide to sit in for him.
That brings us to tonight – perhaps the saddest example of why we need people with courage and leadership in Washington, D.C. Months ago, the Monroe County Chapter of the NAACP invited both candidates to debate. Mayor Barletta accepted. Mr. Kanjorski strung the organizers along for weeks until finally declining. Then at the last minute, Paul Kanjorski said he will come to the event, but he will not debate Lou Barletta – even though they will both be at the same location at the same time. Instead, Mr. Kanjorski would only appear if there was no debate and he did not have to take the stage with Lou Barletta.
There are other examples of this as well. During the summer, both Lou Barletta and Paul Kanjorski were scheduled to appear at the opening ceremony of Nanticoke’s Heritage Days. When Paul Kanjorski learned that Lou Barletta was going to be there, his staff told the organizers he would not be there and that he would come the next night.
After 24 years in Congress, after raking in more than $150,000 in salary from the taxpayers each year, Paul Kanjorski believes he is better than the people he represents. He doesn’t feel the need to face his constituents or Lou Barletta. His staff says he is “too busy.” Then show us the schedule. Where is Paul Kanjorski over the next 20 days? Why does he think the people of Lackawanna, Monroe, Carbon, and Columbia counties don’t deserve the chance to host a debate?
Some people ask, “How did Congress get a 9 percent approval rating?” The answer is clear – they earned it. The people of northeastern Pennsylvania deserve better – and they will get it in 20 days.”

Lou Barletta for Congress
8 West Broad Street, Suite 100
Hazleton, PA 18201

Click the link for Lou's website on the left side of this page and donate some money. The hunchback of Nanticoke needs to retire.


Bob Kelly said...

Hey Lou, here's an idea for a commercial. Remember these few gems Kanjorski wanted to spend taxpayers money on before he blew a ton of it on Cornerstone that ended up in his familes pockets?
How about a MONORAIL in Nanticoke. Yes, it's true. How about MOVING SIDEWALKS in downtown Wilkes-Barre. Again, no joke. And most recently, the INFLATABLE DAM so we can make the river polluted with sewage and mine runoff and other garbage deeper in front of Wilkes-Barre.
He's a LOON!!! Very simple. Anyone who votes for him again should be ashamed. He has no regard for anyone but himself. He's a lifelong incumbant in a group of people the Dems are telling us have screwed up our country. Why hasn't he helped NEPA get out of it's financial problems???? I wish someone could answer that.

Right Winger said...

Paul Kanjorski should be ashamed. He has honestly done NOTHING for the area. Oh, I know, he kept the VA open and he claims he kept Tobyhanna open.
But he's been there long enough to make something happen for this area.
Oh, that's right. Cornerstone technologies. They were going to engineer new technology to make all the coal dust in the area usable. Huh. How'd that work out Paul??? Well we know it worked out well for you and your family. All that tax payers money in the Kanjorski pockets.
Good Bye Paul. Please, just live the rest of your life in shame.

Anonymous said...

Kantjorski should be afraid. He is a typical DC insider who squawks the left wing rhetoric. When wll he take a stand against illegals?
Lou did. Why didn't Kantjorski support the effort? Because he was busy doing nothing.
Go Barletta. You will have this mans vote.