Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama's Grandmother is Sick or is His Birth Certificate the Reason for the Trip to Hawaii?

By now, I think everyone has read that Obama is taking a few days off to go visit his grandmother in Hawaii. She was released from the hospital last week but apparently, has taken a turn for the worse. If that is the case, my prayers go out to her.

However, the conspiracy rumorists are spreading the word that Andy Martin, famous Obama detractor and anti-semitic whackjob, has filed a lawsuit in Hawaii for the release of Obama's birth certificate and Obama is going there as the respondent. I checked snopes and can't find a mention of it. They do say that Obama released his certificate of live birth. For the record, a certificate of live birth is not valid identification for a passport or a driver's license in any state, you can't join the military with it. For all of those things, you need a certified birth certificate.

I have read and verified that Obama is being sued in federal court by Atty. Philip Berg. The contention of the suit is that Obama does not meet the minimum requirements to be elected president. He has been on select news outlets and unequivocally stated that if Obama will produce a certified copy of his Hawaii birth certificate, that he would happily drop the lawsuit. The main stream media has chosen to ignore the lawsuit. I know, what a shock!! Obama's lawyers are fighting the suit. You can read about it at http://www.obamacrimes.com/

Which begs the question, why not just produce the birth certificate? That would certainly be easier, not to mention, a lot less expensive, than fighting the lawsuit. makes one curious doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

This should have been put to rest long ago. Simple fix, produce your birth certificate. I hope Mr. Berg fries Obama and the DNC.

Anonymous said...

It was put to rest long ago. Sen. Obama even has a copy of his certificate on the campaign website. The only reason this is still around is racist retarts like the asshole that writes this blog and the creep that commented above. Why didn't you just say linch him instead of fries him?

Zen said...

well, well, well, anon 2:08, I'm not even sure where to start ripping apart your comment, but here goes.

It has not been put to rest. Did you even read what I wrote? A cert. of life birth is not a valid form of identification! Not even for a driver's license. Yes Obama has a copy of what many are calling a forged cert. of live birth on his site. So what? That doc. is good for toilet paper and not much else.
I guess I am a racist because I refused the "Special Kool Aid" and have not become a blind follower.

Listen retard, the word you were looking for was retard, not retart.
And it's spelled lynch, jerkoff.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you aren't this much of an idiot, that this post is a joke. It is, right? No? Ok, I guess you are a freaky idiot!

Zen said...

dear anon 2:40 AM,just a few suggestions for you;
move out of mom and dad's basement
lay off the obama koolaid

what did I write that isn't true?