Monday, October 20, 2008

General Colin Powell and Obama

General Powell has endorsed Obama. This cannot possibly come as a surprise to anybody, just not for the reasons Limbaugh is saying. Gen. Powell has always been staunchly pro-abortion as well as pro-affirmative action. It is not possible for him to honestly endorse a candidate that has views completely opposite of his own. It is not completely racially motivated. Although General Powell is quoted as saying he recognizes the racial component of his decision, that it wasn't the most important reason for his endorsement.

All that being said, General Powell served our country honorably for many years. For that alone, he deserves our utmost respect. I caution my fellow conservatives out there to remember that. I despise it when the left belittles and/or outright scorns McCain's service. It isn't right, it isn't just, and it is downright unpatriotic to do so to either Powell or McCain.


Anonymous said...

In the end Powell's endorsement won't mean much. If one believes it is racially motivated probably that card was covered anyway.

I share the same thoughts as Zen. I don't like people taking swipes at veterans. However, I do believe Powell could have toned down his outward display disappointment with the party. If you don't like it effect change. If you don't want to effect change then don't complain.

Zen said...

great comment. Thank you.