Thursday, May 28, 2009

More new Soft Taxes Coming from the Obama Administration

Tucked away in the healthcare bill that the senate is working on is a massive set of tax increases on alcohol. I told you quite a while ago that would be the next batch of taxes our chairman would raise.

Proposed increases in taxes are; Beer tax-145% increase, Hard Liquor- 20% increase, Wine- 233% increase.

How long will it be until people start to notice? Once again, who do you think will be most adversely affected by these gigantic tax increases? Hint, it ain't going to be those evil rich people.

Obama Administration Proposes National Sales Tax

Commonly referred to as a Value Added Tax, or VAT for short, our illustrious president feels that we need a 10% national sales tax to fund his multi-trillion dollar socialized healthcare plan. This tax has long been considered political taboo but the Democrats find themselves in an impossible position. They have promised everything but the country just doesn't have the money to pay for it.

I want to ask all those that voted for him, in essence, believed his line of bullshit about cutting taxes for 95% of Americans, how do you feel about that? He is effectively raising 100% of Americans tax burden. Guess which Americans will be hit hardest by this?? Hint, it won't be the big bad rich people.

This brings to mind the old saying; Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Steve Corbett, rabble rouser or annoying douchebag?

As I sit here and listen to his show, I have learned a few things. He feels that the most important qualification to be a supreme court justice is either having a vagina or being a minority or even better yet, both. He said the same crap running up to the primary here in Luzerne County about the women that were running. If I were a woman, I'd take offense that my brain and ability have little bearing on my qualifications for a job.

This clown always plays the knight in shining armor when it comes to women. He is the hero that will save them, defend them, shield them from the big bad men. Then he goes and totally disregards the woman's actual qualifications and pares it down to her being a Latina and have a vagina. Jesus jumping Christ, what an ass.

I hope and pray he is in the minority that still thinks gender should be a primary consideration to a person's abilities.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

As we are all outside grilling and enjoying the day, I hope we all stop and devote a thank you to our fallen veterans. Without their sacrifice, we would be living in a very different world.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yesterday's Primary Election

First, congratulations are in order to the winners. Well done Dick Hughes, Bill Amesbury, Tina Gartley, Walter Griffith, and Carolee Olenginski. I know there were other races, but these were the most important decisions that the voters made. Also congrats to all the Democrat winners as well.

While my first choices for some of the offices didn't win, by and large, at least this was a more or less clean campaign cycle. Most of the people that ran for office at I had the chance to meet and spend some time with and I can tell you that they are all good people. I think we will be very well represented!!

I am very disappointed that only 35% of the electorate showed up to vote. As a community, we need to do a better job of making sure we have a say in who we send to office.

The good news for the remaining judicial candidates is that there will be only three of them running. This will certainly make raising money (the life's blood of campaigning) far easier not to mention the odds are now dramatically better.

I say good luck to all of you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Election Day

I have heard on the radio that turnout is very light. Not so at my polling place. I got there a little after 7 and was 14th in line. When I walked out the line was 30 deep at least. I've never had a wait like that before in my sleepy little town.

The third district Republicans were there and doing a fantastic job with the crowd. A big thanks!!

To all of you, GO VOTE!!!

Thank the lord that the primary season is over.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Primary is May 19th, Please Vote

Just about every pundit out there is saying the voter turnout will be very low. Personally, I can't believe that's going to come true here in Luzerne County. We have 17 people running for judge. That alone should bring quite a few people to the polls. The importance of this election should be obvious to all. We need to put some honest people back into what is arguably the most corrupt courthouse in Pa. if not the whole country. In that vein, I humbly offer my choices for this primary.

For Judge: Dick Hughes and Gene Sperazza

For Controller: Nanda Palissery

Prothonotary: Walter Mitchell

Home Rule: Walter Griffith and take your pick of the rest, but he should be on it.

Sorest Loser: Bob Sypniewski and by extension, the Club for Growth

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Difference Between a Recession, Depression, and Recovery

Short, sweet, and true!!!
Let me know where they are selling these.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Luzerne County Home Rule Candidates Info

By all means click the link and read their answers to a survey from the Wilkes-Barre Chamber.

The Fallout from Luzerne County's Judicial Scandal

Has anybody else noticed that just about every day there is a new story in the paper about somebody challenging a disgraced judge's rulings? It seems it isn't just juvie cases and under insured insurance scams but even property disputes.

The plaintiffs and defendants are coming out of the woodwork and they all want a piece of Luzerne County. I wonder how we are going to pay for all the inevitable judgements. I think before this all comes out in the wash that we are talking about millions of dollars. The county is already deeply in debt (thanks Greg and Todd). What will they do, start selling county owned properties to raise money?

The reality is that I really don't think every ruling that Conahan and Ciavarella made was dirty. The only ones that are coated in slime are the decisions that were influenced by on of the three Bobs or were flat out paid for.

Friday, May 8, 2009

President Obama's Budget Cuts

As a candidate, Obama promised to look at the budget line by line and cut out all the unnecessary spending. As the President, Obama has in fact, looked at the budget and cut all the wasteful spending he could find.

He cut $17 Billion from a $3.4 Trillion budget. Let me break that down for you. He cut .05% from the budget. Still too hard to grasp? Just multiply by .0005. Still hard? Let's say you were going to save for retirement by the same percentage of your gross income. Further, assume you make $1,000. per week gross. You would save a snappy 50 cents per week for retirement.

I think I have had and more importantly, America, has had all the hope and change we can stand. Pres. Obama, in just 100 days, has already committed to spend more than all previous presidents combined. Even the most optimistic analysts say that our national debt will double in just 5 years. The only thing I can guess that would make Obama spend our money this way is that he and Bush have a bet going on to see who can waste more tax dollars, Congrats Barry, you are way ahead and sure to win that bet.

By the way, Helen Keller would've found more to trim from that budget.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The UAW & Pennsylvania's Elected Memebers of Congress

In the 2008 election cycle, the UAW gave $10,000 each to Carney and Kanjorski. The only Republican member of the Senate that benefited from their generosity? Arlen Spector.

At least now we know why they are voting the way they do.

Joe the Plumber

Good lord above, I wish people like this would quietly leave the Republican party. Joe, I know you are trying to squeeze out every last drop fame you can but would you please just keep your moronic mouth shut.

With friends like this trying to help the party, who needs enemies? The reason we have lost so many members can be traced directly to people like Joe. They have not changed with the times and are as ignorant as ever. Worse, they take every opportunity to get in front of the media and flap their gums. It is no small wonder why the young people of America have such a glowing opinion of us.
Thanks Joe, now go away.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Full Time County Row Officers

Much has been made of the hours we expect these elected officials to work every day. Several of the candidates that are running are pledging to work 8:00 until 4:30 every day, Monday through Friday. A few of these candidates are either retired or run businesses that are one person operations that do so little business that if they get elected it would be a significant pay raise. Not only that, but they'd get to finally close their all but non-existent businesses which would save them all the costs associated with keeping them open. We know who these people are and the only reason they are making such a pledge is they think it's a hot button with the voters.

If we look at it rationally, does having the office hours they propose to work make sense? I firmly believe the answer is no. For one thing, people like myself that go to work every day during those hours cannot go to the courthouse to conduct business without burning a day off. Unlike certain candidates that routinely call radio shows and brag about how much time they've spent at the courthouse being a "taxpayer advocate" in one sentence and bragging about how successfully they've run their business in the next. A question pops into my mind; If you are a one man operation, how much business are you actually doing? More importantly, how well have you done it? The answer isn't a good one.

One of these candidates that has made this point his main contention is actually running for 4 offices. I ask you, Walter Griffith, how you will be a full time controller, if elected, as well as all those other offices, do you intend to work all those jobs? The answer is about the same as you've apparently run your current business. Before you get all huffy and pissy, consider this; You haven't run it well enough to even grow to need more than just yourself and I've heard you contract out work to another local repair shop. Taking that a step further if true; How much extra are your clients paying for that work when not only are they paying you a profit but they in effect are also paying the other shop a profit as well? With advocates like that who needs a Jill Moran or Ross Scarantino? By the way Wally, calling Corbett and intentionally misquoting a candidate makes you a flat out untrustworthy liar.

Do you know what hours I want my controller to work? Forty hours per week for sure but I want some of those hours to be evening and weekend hours so that those of us that actually work every day can conduct our business with the county in our free time. The only candidates that have offered this are Alice Coffman and Nanda Palissery. Makes sense to me, how about to all of you????

Monday, May 4, 2009

Luzerne County Corrupt Judges Club

There I was out and about and wouldn't you know it, another little bird started tweeting in my ear. It seems that two more of our judges are actively seeking legal representation. Now, I may not be the smartest guy in the world but I do know that when you are trying your best to hire a lawyer it is usually because you need one.

I heard one of the two will have his council with him when he is arrested today!!!!

While I promised not to reveal names, I can give you a hint. Both of these soon to be disgraced judges had many dealings with the already disgraced Conahan and Ciavarella. You may even say that they have travelled together.

Update: I haven't heard any news about an arrest. I will check with my birdie and let you know what I learn.

Update 2: I couldn't find my source last night and am waiting for a call. I was told that last Friday the judge in question told a few people that he was resigning and expected to be arrested on Monday. The only thing I could think of would be if he became a cooperating witness. Who knows, maybe he was one of the guys wearing a wire at a certain local country club.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bob Madeira,er I mean Sypniewski for Controller

The first thing he should learn to control is his mouth. Last night I was at a meet the candidates event at Republican Party HQ on the square. There was a decent turnout and all the Rep. candidates for county office were there as well as a number of democrat candidates.

Every single person spoke well and about the issues save one, Bobby. Of course after the way he embarassed himself last night maybe he should change that to Booby. You see Bobby found that speaking about the issues must be a mistake so he went a completely different route. He went on the attack. This isn't any kind of surprise, he is after all a protege of Dave Madeira and a Club for Growth acolyte. There is only one page in their playbook. That play is to go dirty early and stay there.

I know you're all curious about the attack. So I'll sum up what Booby said. He said "You see all these lawyers here, all dressed up and looking so successful, just remeber they have a devious heart and they are crawling all over the courthouse." He then accused Nanda Palissery of being part of the corruption. He flapped his gums for a bit longer and then Nanda asked for 10 seconds for a rebuttal and told Bobby that he didn't have a devious heart and was offended by the stream of shit that flew from Booby's mouth. (actually, he didn't put it that way, but should have). Bobby got mad at that and just kept getting louder and louder denying that he said lawyers have a devious heart when a room full of people just heard him loud and clear. Hey Bob, did you look around that room? There were at least 10 lawyers in the audience. Smooth move, exlax!!

It did bring a few questions to mind. Bob, why are you only attacking Nanda? Is he the only candidate you feel you have to beat? I got news for you, Walter G. has far better name recognition than Nanda P. I sincerely hope it isn't bigotry but let's face facts, this is the second time you have tried out your mudslinging with only one target. Maybe you can explain your reasons for your behavior. Suffice to say, you can write off any support from anybody that was there last night.

One last thing Bob. Calling people and asking them if you sounded like a tremendous douchebag kind of confirms that you are one. I do hope you call every lawyer that was present last night and apologize but you really should call Corbett and publicly apologize to Mr. Palissery. Do I think you'll man up and do the right thing? Of course not, that's not in the Club for Growth's playbook.