Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lou Barletta Answers Kanjorski's Campaign's Offer to Clear the Air

If Kanjorski wants to clear the air, then he needs to come clean on everything

HAZLETON – Vince Galko, manager for U.S. Congressional candidate Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta, issued the following statement:
Today, Congressman Kanjorski’s campaign manager sent an e-mail to me stating that Congressman Kanjorski would like to clear the air about the scandals surrounding his financial dealings. I think that is a great idea.
Releasing his tax records is a good first start. However, if Congressman Kanjorski really wants to come clean with the citizens of northeastern Pennsylvania, he needs to do more than just release his tax records. Mr. Kanjorski needs to address all of his unethical behavior done at taxpayers’ expense.

Here is the response e-mail Mr. Galko sent to Kanjorski Campaign Manager Joe Werner:

Hey Joe,
I hope you and your family are well.
Mayor Barletta is prepared to defend himself against any innuendo or rumor your campaign is spreading.
If the Congressman really wants to clear the air, then we must request the release of the following:
1. Tax returns for the last 10 years for all Kanjorski family members who worked at Cornerstone Technologies
2. A listing of all expenditures from Cornerstone Technologies including salaries, bonuses and travel
3. Copies of all receipts over the last 10 years for K & K Real Estate
4. The location of the two large milling machines paid for by the Department of Navy and sent to Cornerstone Technologies. (surely the Congressman wants to know what happened to these large taxpayer investments)
5. Copies of letters, emails and phone messages sent or received by the Congressman or any member of his staff (past or present) in regards to AVA Solar. (don’t answer this one too fast)
6. Canceled checks for the taxes paid on the Congressman’s property in Wright Township, Luzerne County
7. The quantity of and amounts deposited in Kanjorski accounts in the Cayman Islands, if any
8. A copy of the application filed by the Earth Conservancy with DEP to accept dredge from the Delaware River. I was told it was applied for while the Congressman was chairman of the group
We will ask for you to respond to this request by October 25.
Anyone in the media will tell you that Lou Barletta is one the most accessible and open public officials with whom they have ever worked. Lou has nothing to hide. Once Congressman Kanjorski releases all of the information we have requested, we will consider your offer.
Thanks, Joe, and best of luck down the stretch. My offer still stands to get together for breakfast or lunch. We should probably exchange contact info for election night as well.

Mayor Barletta said, “The voters are growing tired of Paul Kanjorski’s games and false, negative attacks. This race should have been about issues, about the problems facing Americans, and about the ideas to solve the problems caused by Washington. Instead, my opponent has attacked me from the very first day I entered the race. I proposed a series of debates to talk about issues and he ducked me at every turn. There are 13 days left for voters to make up their minds about this race. If they are happy with things are in Washington and if they are proud to have Paul Kanjorski as their representative, then they should vote for him. If they want to change the way Washington treats the citizens of this country and if they want someone who has a record of standing up for our quality of life, then they should vote for me.”

Wonder what Kanjo's response will be?

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