Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe the Plumber Feels the Wrath of the Truth Squads

Obama, in yet another amazing display of power, has unleashed his goon, I mean Truth Squads. The target this time, Mr. Ordinary Citizen. Joining in the massive retaliation for questioning the Chosen One, is the full weight and force of the liberal media. Good lord, has our country sank to this level? A fundamental right in America is being able to question our leaders. I guess that right goes out the window if the questions are directed to Obama.

Does anybody else see a fundamental problem with this?

Even on the Pinko show, Nancy and Kevin, on WILK News Radio, right here in NEPA, did the attacks occur. Was Joe's question that infuriating to Obama? To the media? Is it now considered fair in America to destroy someone's life because they dare to question Obama?
I sincerely hope not. Obama is a walking, talking, question mark.

A side note to Nancy and Kevin. Between the two of you, you must have said 17 times (I only heard the show on my 30 minute commute, so forgive me if I missed a few) that in America, if you make a lot of money that you should pay more income tax. I am not sure what the hell you were smoking, and I surely hope that you are not that stupid. In America the more you make, the more you pay in tax. It has been that way since income tax was implemented. As for Kevin's remark that it is just a 3% increase in tax; Using the $250k income you were harping on about, that is an additional $7,500. per year. I realize that Nancy and Kevin make very little money and have absolutely no idea how much tax somebody that makes that much already pays but that kind of stupidity and class warfare mongering is reprehensible at best. Oh, and Kevin, according to, the wealthiest 53% of us are now paying over 97% of the entire tax burden. What will make liberal retards like you happy? If we pay 100%? Just wondering.


NEPAExpat said...

The arguments for taxation from the left are pretty much interchangeable with the arguments for the war on terror from the right.

I remember quite well after 9/11 the right was demanding denouncement from all Muslim organizations regardless of guilt or innocence. The same questions are now being asked of the wealthy as a result of the economic meltdown. The wealthy protect themselves, ergo the wealthy are cited as guilty by association.

Unless McCain and other members of the right begin talking immediately about making the guilty heads roll, be ready to have more of your money stolen from an Obama/Biden/Pelosi/Reid/Bader-Ginsburg administration.

Zen said...

I agree completely. The guiltiest are those we entrusted to oversee the banking and financial sectors.
I think that had a lot to do with Barney Frank winning last weeks poll.