Friday, May 28, 2010

Steve Corbett Hates the Proposed Home Rule Charter

While trying to drastically increase the pain of my head ache yesterday, I decided to flip on the Steve Corbett show on WILK. In the words of Bush the RINO, Mission Accomplished!!

Good old Stevie has come out and flatly stated he is against the Luzerne County Home Rule changes. As a general rule, that is reason enough to be for it.

You see, as an example, Stevie is one of those unique individuals that actually believes the New York Times is a legitimate newspaper. That what they print is a factual representation of the news. In most people’s opinion, the NY Times is the worst of the ultra-left rags that long ago abandoned printing unvarnished news. That is why I say taking the exact opposite position of Corbett will be the right choice about 90% of the time. His judgement is so far shot out of a cannon, you’d have to be a fool or a nut to agree with him even much of the time.

I’ll set aside that he is a crackpot that relies on inciting his audience just to get ratings. After all, that is his job. I do however, pity the foolish goobers that think he is doing anything good for the community. What he is doing is filling his wallet. It is his job to stir you up enough to call him. Fact is, Stevie is excellent at that. He is great at making a bad headache far worse too!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Luzerne County Home Rule

I am both surprised and dismayed to learn that some of our elected county officials are dead set against the proposed changes. Most surprising is that I have heard that Steve Urban is leading the parade against any change.

I can certainly understand being against anybody that drew up the charter being allowed to be put in office because of the charter but against the whole thing?? I have to ask, is this a hedge in case Mr. Urban loses his senate bid? If so, that is right up there with Arlen Specter switching parties because he didn't want a primary to decide his political fate.

Urban has been a great watchdog for the citizens of Luzerne County and would serve us well as a state senator. That being said, I'd like him to explain in detail, his stance on the home rule charter. The citizens of Luzerne County have suffered enough under the corrupt Democratic rule of this county for far too long. I am inclined to think that any change could only be for the good. Please tell us all Mr. Urban, why changing the culture of corruption under the dome is going to be a bad thing other than losing your commissioner job.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Refreshing Primary Season

With the dust settled, I can honestly say I am happy with how this primary season turned out. For once, it was the dems shoveling the mud at each other instead of the republicans.

I must say that I was impressed with Dave Madeira. Nancy from WILK did her level best to try to drag him down to her level but he resolutely refused. Mr. Madeira, well done sir. For WILK a hearty well done for getting rid of Kevin and replacing him with Webster. At least Webster is rational and more or less coherent (with the exception being beer buzz Fridays).

With that being said, a little bird told me there may yet be a fight on the republican side. I'll try to let you know what is happening there as the facts become available.

I know it's been a while and thank you for your patience. I am frankly amazed at how many visitors I still get every day even though I have been far to busy to write. The new business I have started (GO SOLAR- Call your local Home Depot) is finally starting to roll and hopefully will not require so much of my time and I'll be able to be snarky daily again. See you soon.