Friday, October 3, 2008

Obama Is not A Muslim

Yes, it's a repost. The dailykos had a featured "diary" about my posting the shoeshine pic. I wonder how they'll feel about this one!!!! w00t


Anonymous said...

They'll probably feel the same way I do... This the type ofthing most often done by ninth grade dorks on their My Space page.

Anonymous said...


Back in the late 1980’s there was a similar banking scandal involving billions of taxpayer dollars. Eventually, scores of small thrift banks failed and the government ended up creating a special unit to buy up toxic debt and slowly over years salvage what they could and get rid of the rest.

Wrapped up in the debacle were a series of unusual meetings two years before the collapse between banking regulators and five prominent US Senators, including John McCain. The meeting was at the behest of Keating who was calling in chits to get the regulators to back off of the ill-fated Lincoln. The regulators who were present would later say how much they were intimidated by the entire proceeding and Lincoln ended up with a little more time before eventually imploding.

During that time, it also came out that the Keating Five had accepted campaign contributions from Keating topping $300,000 with McCain receiving the lion’s share. McCain had also made at least nine trips with his family at Keating's expense at a cost of over $13,000. Not all of it was reimbursed by McCain until after Lincoln was in serious trouble. And in 1985, a year before the meeting between the regulators and US Senators, McCain’s wife Cindy and his father in law invested over $350,000 in a shopping mall development with Keating. None of it was in any way criminal, just a question of judgment.

Zen said...

the keating 5? hello douchebag, do your homeork before posting.

Anonymous said...

its about time we finally get to see some of his family photos! What did you really expect from a muslim? Now we are all suffering under his anti-christian command. Our country is now ruled by a shoe-polishing boo.