Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Angry Dems, Steve Corbett and William Ayers stepping on our flag

I have a few questions for all of you Democrats out there and I'm sure any of will you be qualified to answer at least one of these. And I'm not asking to be a smart ass. I'm asking because I'm still trying to figure out the mind of many of the liberal Democrat I come across. So, here goes.

#1. Steve Corbett announced the other day on his radio show he is going to vote for John McCain. Steve is by no means a conservative and he based his decision on who he feels will be the better choice. My question is Why is he getting flooded with hate email and angry Democrat callers yelling at him and calling him names and calling him a racist???

#2. We are told of the accomplishments of Mr. Obama as a Community Organizer in Chicago, a State Senator and now a U.S. Senator. Ok, I've been listening. So why is it being kept quiet that Chicago is now the murder capital of the country? He did such a "bang up" job in IL but now we're supposed to trust him to lead our country?

#3. I have watched footage of Obama addressing supporters and I'm confused by something. He claims he's going to raise taxes on big business and "redistribute" the wealth and of course the crowd cheers. Then, in another clip, he stands there claiming he's going to give "tax breaks" to big business that keeps jobs in this country. Of course, the crowd cheers. ??????? What?????

So, which is it??? Someone please explain this to me.

#4. Obama's campaign is using the excuse Obama was only 8 years old when Ayers orchestrated his terrorism. I was only 3 years old when Charles Manson instructed his "family" to go on a killing spree. If in my adult life, I launched my political career in Manson's living room, worked on various committees with him and attended dinner parties with him, wouldn't the media be calling me out on that?????

#5. Why do all of you Democrats keep claiming Obama is better for us on the economy when he was part of the Democrat controlled congress and ignored the mortgage crisis while accepting more money than any other politician from Fannie and Freddie???? Again, why is he getting a pass on that?

Every question can be answered with "well, that's not important. It's (fill in the blank) that really matters." But the problem is, whatever issue you insert in that blank you get the same answer.

I'm honestly looking for answers to these questions. No name calling. No hatred or anger. I don't know what justifies all of these things being ignored and I need to be enlightened.

So, Dems, pick one, two or all of them and feel free to educate me.


NEPAConservative said...

1. Democrats call Corbett a racist because they are the experts on racism, just ask KKK Robert Byrd.

2. Bang up job indeed, it's safer in Iraq. I'm buying a summer home there, you interested ?

3. He says this because his teleprompter told him to. You're right it makes no sense ! How about Spread the wealth and the risk. You would like that one right Z ?

4. Ayers is just a way that us Republicans like to muddy the waters and avoid the real issues. like Health Care. Isn't Charlie Manson rehabilitated by now ?!?! FREE Charlie Manson !!!

5. The answer to this question is's George Bush's fault.

Those questions were easy, do you have any more ?

Right Winger said...

Thanks NEPA,
I do have more questions about things that perplex me. I'll have to get them up sometime soon.