Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Chosen One

Contrary to how Rush and other broadcasters from the right are spinning it, I think we are going to see Obama become president. I think his presidency will be an unmitigated catastrophe for America but that doesn't change what I see happening. I am not clairvoyant or capable of prescient thought. However, I can read the writing on the wall.

In Obama, we have a candidate running for the highest office in the land yet isn't being even remotely scrutinized by the media. Consider the following;
1. He is being sued in Federal Court challenging his eligibility to even hold the office he seeks. Have any of you seen that reported in any major newspaper? seen it reported on any major television news program?

2. His campaign is in bed with ACORN. Last I heard, they are being investigated in 17 states for voter registration fraud. The only coverage this gets is to separate Obama from them when he is in fact paying them millions to do exactly what they are doing.

3. The governor of Pa, Fast Eddie Rendell, has openly called those investigations a Jim Crow tactic. In other words, it's racist. As a matter of fact, any criticism of Obama is called racist in the MSM.

4. He openly promotes the redistribution of wealth, as UN-American idea as is possible. Where is the outrage in the media? from the public?

5. He promises nearly $1 trillion in new spending while cutting taxes for 95% of the population. A fiscal impossibility. Remind me again, was it 20/20, Nightline, or 60 Minutes that pointed that out to the public? That's right, not one journalist nor show did.

The list is positively endless of these points. Any other candidate would have been roasted in the Press for any of those I listed. Can you imagine if John McCain, Hillary Clinton, or any one else being tied to any of those points? Not just tied to one, but they said it out loud to the media, what would've happened? THEY WOULD'VE HAD TO MOVE TO OUTER MONGOLIA TO ESCAPE THE OUTRAGE AND SCORN!!!!!!!! Not our buddy Barry though.

Add to that, this; There will no longer be any checks and balances in our federal government. Obama will have a super majority in the House and Senate. How will any of the left's radical plans for America be stopped? Armed revolt by the citizens? Maybe that's why a prominent tenet of the far left is an unarmed populace. Subjects without guns are a fook load easier to control.

I sincerely hope that I'm just being pessimistic.

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