Monday, August 31, 2009

Tony Trombetta

My crystal ball is obviously running very fast but I thought I would give you an update. It seeems that Mr. Trombetta is very quickly liquidating all of his possessions. The Ferrari, gone. The Porsche Gemballa, gone. New home, on the market and priced to sell in a blink. I wonder why??

Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme that has alomost run its course

The simple fact is that when a ponzi scheme runs out of enough new money it has to stop. We now have two workers to support each person currently drawing from the fund. Those two workers in actuality aren't paying for their own benefits. At what point will the government radically change the system? The reality is that no politician wants to touch the issue. It is considered career suicide.

How did the system get so broken? You will hear people say that it is because the government has been robbing the fund to try to balance the budget. While that is partly true, that isn't why the fund will collapse. Take a person that retires after 45 years of working. If they had a far above average job and made far more than the median income, they would have paid in $119,000. I got at that figure by doubling the median income for 45 years and used the current payroll deduction with employer's matching contribution to get at that figure. Let us assume that this far above average wage earner only draws $1,500 per month from the SSA fund. In just 79 months (6 years, 7 months) they will have taken every cent they paid into it, out. It isn't hard to see why the fund is going broke. People are living decades past retirement and drawing triple or more out than they paid in.

There is another reason for this as well. The fund was established to pay people that had no pension from their job enough to live on. Their are literally millions of people that collect those checks every month that shouldn't be getting a thing. Either because they are wealthy or as an example, a retired teacher that is drawing 70% of their best year's salary as a pension.

I think the quickest and easiest fix is to only allow those that need to draw from the fund to do so. I know what you're thinking. That doesn't sound very Republican to me and what about the fact that everybody that works pays into the fund!!! The problem isn't a partisan issue though. The good lord willing, we will all reach retirement age regardless of your political views and if you have not financially prepared yourself, you will need the fund. The fund only has about 30 years more before it is totally insolvent and something needs to be done now. My suggestion to any politico that has some balls is to draw a line. If you have a net worth of one million dollars, you do not get a check. If you have a pension that pays you $2,500 per month or more, you do not get a check. If your pension is less than that, your check should only make up the difference between the two. If you have no pension at all from work, the max you should get is $2,500. I only included this because the silly statement I get from the SSA says that I will get a lot more than $2,500. Of course that's a joke because I sincerely doubt that in 22 years when I am eligible to collect those checks that there will be anything left to collect.

Will that be enough to save the fund?? Heck no, but it will buy the government another decade or two to come up with a real solution.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nude Photos of Nancy Pelosi: Internet Warning!!!

If you get an email titled "Nude photo of Nancy Pelosi," don't open it....
It contains a nude photo of Nancy Pelosi.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Want to meet Michael Steele?

Aug. 25, 2009
Contact: Renita Fennick 208-4671 or 239-8851
WILKES-BARRE -- Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele will cut the ceremonial ribbon on Sept. 9 when the Luzerne County Republican Party holds a grand opening of its new permanent headquarters.
Steele, who was elected chairman of the national GOP in January, will meet with members of the newly formed ClubGOP during a private reception at approximately 2 p.m. After Steele’s visit, the celebration will be open to the public and the press.
The county party is moving into a permanent headquarters at 41 S. Main St., which will house the offices of Executive Director Renita Fennick, and Northeast Pennsylvania Regional Director Jon Hopcraft of the state GOP. It will provide a meeting and campaign area for local, county, state and federal candidates and will feature a 24-line phone bank to assist with campaign efforts.
ClubGOP is a grassroots organization established by the Luzerne County Republican Committee. Members who pay annual dues of $50 or more receive membership cards, a subscription to the GOP Newsletter, a discount to some events and invitations to club-only functions.
County Chairman Terry Casey said the club’s goal is to make the local Republican Party a true grassroots organization.
"This allows the people to own the party," Casey said. "This will truly make the Luzerne County Republican Party a party of the people."
In the past, Casey said, the misconception was that people had to be big donors to make a difference, pointing out that the annual membership fee is less than $5 a month.
"People thought that their $10 or $25 or $50 wasn’t important and nothing is further from the truth," Casey said. "This way, the average Republican can play a major role in supporting the party."
Casey said the Republican leadership recognizes that money isn’t everything and that not all registered Republicans would be willing or able to donate $50 to the cause which is why there are provisions for people to receive paid memberships by volunteering.
"A volunteer’s time is just as important," Casey said. "Volunteers who come in and work at headquarters, campaign with our candidates and man the phone banks will be recognized as members of ClubGOP with all of the benefits."
Membership dues will be used to pay the costs of keeping the headquarters open full time including salaries, rent, utilities, postage and other operating expenses.
Anyone interested in obtaining more information may e-mail or call headquarters at 570-208-4671.
Phone (570) 208-GOP1

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Myth Behind Hybrid Cars and Chevy Volt

Our President wants you to believe that hybrid cars will not only save the planet but save you money as well. I will explain how that is just another gigantic lie coming from this administration. I will use two examples and base the math on gas at $2.65 per gallon, average miles per year of 12,000, Highway fuel economy from the EPA, and current MSRP and published price of the Volt.

Chevy Volt vs Honda Civic DX sedan auto trans
MSRP for Volt $40,000 Civic $16,925
Estimated fuel economy Volt 230/gal Civic 36
Fuel used per year Volt 52 gallons Civic 333
Fuel savings by driving Volt $745 per year
Number of years driving Volt to break even on added cost 31
That's right, you would need to drive the Volt for only 31 years to make up for the added price you paid for it. I know what you're thinking, nobody drives the same car for 31 years. What you should be thinking is that the battery pack in Hybrid vehicles is designed to last 5-7 years. Since I have no idea how much the Volt's batteries will cost but do know how much they are for a Toyota Prius ($5,000 dealer cost). Lets do the math again. Also, the Prius is much closer to the price of the Civic.
Toyota Prius vs Honda Civic DX Sedan. Both auto trans
Msrp Prius $23,300 Civic $16,925
Fuel economy Prius 45 mpg Civic 36
Fuel used per year Prius 266 gallons Civic 333
Fuel savings by driving Prius $177 per year
Number of years driving Prius to break even 36
Sure makes sense to me to drive those hybrids. How about you???

Monday, August 24, 2009

Obamacare, Warning Consuming this product is extremely hazardous to your health

Don't listen to talk radio about Obamacare but I think you should click this link and read what an orthopedic surgeon has to say about it. You'd be surprised to learn that part of the stimulous package has already paid for the council that will ration care. I took this from so that you can see it is valid and has the full text of his message not the edited version that is making the e mail rounds.

Voter Qualifications

I posed the question if 18 years old was enough of a qualification to vote. It seems others feel as I do that by itself, does not mean you are qualified to vote. Some have suggested a mandatory test on knowledge of civics as a way to determine if you are smart enough to vote. The problem with that is that such a small percentage of people would pass such a test that we'd have more problems then than we have now.

The other problem with that is that unfortunately, we still have people that are illiterate and wouldn't be able to even take the test.

I think I have a far more simple solution. You must file a tax return to be able to vote. If you do not have to file a tax return for whatever reason, you must prove that you are exempt from filing. Full time students that don't work would be an example. All those people would have to do is submit their info to the IRS and get a card. Everybody else gets a card back from the IRS when their return is accepted. Regardless of whether you paid a gazillion dollars in taxes or got more back than you had withheld, you would have the privilege to vote. However, if you are enjoying the vast benefits of living in this country while living off the grid, you don't!!

The reason I suggest this is equally simple. If you are not part of the system, I think you should have absolutely zero say in any part of the system. You should have no benefit from the system whatsoever.

Your thoughts are welcomed!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Should there be more qualifications to vote other than age?

I will be on the road today but wanted to get this question out there.

I think there should be and will be writing about this over the weekend. Let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chris Carney is a Blue Dog Democrat???

At least that is what he would like his constituents to believe. I heard him on WILK today. The only thing I got out of his slippery answers was that he will say anything to get re-elected.

Chris, why weren't you just honest when asked if you were for the public option health care?? You should've just told the audience the truth; That it would be political suicide for you to be for it. I do love how you left the window open for flipping on it though!!

When asked if members of congress should have to switch to Obama Cross he replied that he couldn't see why anybody wouldn't. Congrats Chris, that's the biggest fooking lie I have ever heard and I've heard some doozies. Like you or any member of congress would switch???

The second biggest lie he told this morning was in response to the question about what would stop businesses from simply opting to pay the 8% fee and stop offering health insurance to their employees. Cmdr. Carney said that he has investigated this and found that businesses only pay 5% of their payroll for health benefits so it would be cheaper for them to keep offering the insurance as a benefit. I have no idea what businesses he looked at but you could bet your ass that that company offers some off brand, low coverage, high deductible insurance. I have spoken with many other business owners and those of us that offer Blue Cross are paying a hell of a lot more than 5% of our payrolls for health bennies. I polled businesses with fewer than 20 employees and businesses with more than 100 and not one of us is paying only 5%. Dream on Chris!!

I also loved how he danced around the FACT that many doctors are reducing or flat refusing to take new medicare patients because the reimbursements are so low. The lefty responded that most doctors just want to help patients so he doesn't see why they wouldn't want to accept ridiculously low payments for their services. Ever hear of having a few hundred thousand dollars worth of student loans to pay back Chris? Ever realize that most people that go to college actually have to pay for it unlike Pres. Obama and his newest Supreme Court Justice?? Ever hear that if somebody devotes that much money and a minimum of seven years of their life to become a doctor is entitled to make an above average income?? Of course not, you live in a weird world where none of those things matter. Here on planet earth, they do with the exception of saints. Unfortunately the sinners (as your side sees them) vastly outnumber the saints!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Next week's news today

There I was on my way home from work and like a dope, I stopped at a yard sale. The only thing they had that I was interested in was a very nice crystal ball. Not that I believe in that kind of stuff but it was nice, so I bought it. When I got home I decided to clean it up to display it. Imagine my surprise when I looked into it and saw next week's headlines!!!

Rostock, Piazza, Adonizio, and Trombetta all arrested with a note that Vonderthief's arrest was emminent!!! Shocked I was!!! I can't wait to see if my crystal ball qas right.

Of course it helped my clairvoyance a bunch knowing that a truckload (literally) of construction records were seized today!!!!!!!!!

Total Breakdown of all 1,100 pages of Obamacare

Read this but be warned, you will cry!!!

More Obamacare with a dash of Arlen Spector for taste

If Obamacare is so simple and only focused on a few things, why is the proposal 1,100 pages?
Seems like a lot of paper for a bill that is, as Pres. Obama says, going to provide for 1. Insurance cos. have to cover pre-existing conditions 2. they can't cancel you, and 3. Well, 3 varies depending on what day of the week it is and who he is addressing.

I have to wonder why that is. Seems to me you could pretty much cover that with a couple pages. Where is the transparency he promised? Why aren't they spelling out the exact specifics? The short answer they give is that they haven't hammered them all out yet. The true answer is they won't do that until it is too late.

Should we expect any different? Apparently not when newly minted but always was democrat, Arlen Spector says things like "These protesters at the town hall meeting aren't representative of all Americans". Arlen, we've been pals for years and that has got to be the dumbest thing that you've ever said. With 81-82% of Americans totally against Obama's plan, I'd say the protesters couldn't be more representative of John Q. I love that the left's wildest moonbats (read Pelosi and Reid) will stop at nothing until they pass this turd. They will be doing for the Republicans what George W. Bush did for the Democrats. If it weren't for the trillion dollars worth of damage it will do, I'd help them advance this idiocy!!! We'd probably get about 80 seats in the Senate!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Listen to this jackass!!!

ABC 20/20 Takes on Health Care Reform

This is from 20/20, a show about as far from right wing as is possible. Watch this and judge for yourself if Obamacare is a good idea or pure, unadulterated horse shit.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My View on Obama's Health Plan and the State of the Union

As Pres. Obama continues to push for his vision of a health care utopia, I think it is important to understand a few key points. The Pres. says that there are 48 million people without health insurance in America and that is vital to get them covered as soon as possible. Who in their right mind could possibly be against that? Well, nobody, unless of course you look at a few things this administration would rather you not know;
1. That number includes 12 million illegal aliens. Yep, he wants us to pay for their insurance too.
2. That number includes between 8 and 10 million people that already qualify for government assistance for health care but have not signed up for it.
3. He claims that only 5% of Americans will be taxed to pay for this coverage. THAT IS A FLAT OUT LIE. Even his Treasury Secretary said that taxes will have to be raised on everybody just to pay for this administration's already $1.9 trillion deficit. ( more on this in a moment). Pres. Obama has already said that anybody that gets their health insurance from their employer will be taxed on that benefit. That sure as shit is a lot more than 5% of the population!! I wonder why he is lying so vociferously about this point? That's right, more class warfare bullshit that the left is so famous for.
4. Our government is incapable of running anything efficiently. As a matter of fact, the bureaucrats that run every government program will spend every penny in their budgets because they know if they don't, that budget will be cut next year as it is seen to be over funded. Show me one business that successfully runs with that model. You can't, because there isn't one.
5. If our President thinks this plan is so important, why doesn't he just tell the public the truth. Or better yet, ask them just one question; Would you be willing to pay for this plan? This lousy piece of government crap would sink faster than an anchor if he did and that's why he won't.

Now, let's talk about Obama's $1.9 trillion deficit. This is yet another glaring example of a government not being honest with the citizens. True enough, so far this year, Obama is running that far in the red. Unfortunately, what they aren't telling us is that it is actually far higher than that. You see, the income tax revenue is already off by 18% as of June 1st. That means the real deficit is already at $2.24 trillion and we are only in August!!! Kind of makes you nostalgic for Bush's RINO spending, doesn't it???
Now, let's factor in that Obama has a super majority in both houses. He will get his health care turd passed. Right off the bat, the deficit swells even further. Where will it end?? Nobody knows, but it won't be good for our country. The sad reality is that America's economy was once based on manufacturing. It is now based on the service sector. The difference that matters here is that when you manufacture goods and sell them to foreign markets, you bring outside money into the economy. That is why we pulled out of the last depression relatively quickly and why this one will continue for quite some time. I'm hoping about 3 and a half years if you know what I mean!!!

A last thought for you. Our form of government was set up to protect the few from the tyranny of the majority. I'm not sure exactly when or how it happened but now, the majority has become the victim of the tyranny of the minority. The biggest question I can think of is who will protect us now?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rep. Tom Price admonishes govt-takeover of healthcare

Whether you are a dem or a rep, you need to watch this clip!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mr. Skrepenak meets the Grand Jury

Skrep's father testified before the grand jury. About what, nobody is saying, but his son commented in today's paper that it may have been about his actions as a commissioner. Gee, you think Greg???

Let's run down some things they may have wanted Skrep's dad (who is a really nice guy) to talk about.

Greg and Todd signing a lease for $58 million for a detention center that Luzerne County could've owned for $9 million.

Greg lives in a townhouse he bought from Tony Trombetta. The same guy who sold $100 security cameras for $1,000 each to countless local school districts, LCCC, and lord knows what other government agencies.

Who really owns Big Ugly's bar?

That bar is actually leased from the Pasonick family. You may know them, they provide engineering services to almost every single government entity in Luzerne County. I've been told that they do over 90% of all government engineering jobs in this area. I am sure that's just a coincidence.

Most importantly, and likely, they wanted to know who was at the countless meetings held at that bar in the past 2 years. Oops, I wasn't supposed to write that one, but oh well. ;)

Let me know if I left anything out.

Sen. Lisa Baker Event

The First-Ever
Clam Baker
With Sen. Lisa Baker
will be held
Thursday, Aug. 13, 6-9 p.m.
The Checkerboard Inn, 385 Carverton Road, Trucksville
$35 per person
Tickets on sale at GOP Headquarters, 25 Public Square

Call 208-4671 or e-mail
I hope you can make it!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

GOP Golf Tournament

The Luzerne County Republican Party will hold its Inaugural Golf Tournament at 12:30 p.m. Oct. 2 at Blue Ridge Trail Golf Club, Mountaintop. Format is four-man scramble. The $175 registration fee includes 18 holes of golf, lunch, beer, cocktail hour, a buffet dinner and prizes. The early payment discount is $150 per person if paid by Sept. 18. Registration and lunch begin at 11 a.m.
To register or to sponsor a hole, call 208-4671 or e-mail

I am playing in this event and am looking to fill out a foursome. Shoot me an e mail if you're interested!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Plaxico Burress On Gun Safety

The grand jury has decided there is sufficient evidence to charge Plaxico Burress. In an effort to garner a lower sentence. He has made this important public safety message. Some language in this is not safe for work!!

Conahan and Ciavarella, is the fix in?

So the federal judge threw out their plea agreements. Theoretically, they are facing more time than the original 84 months. In reality, I would take wagers on a few things. One, I bet they get far less time than they originally faced. And two, a reasonable paraphrase of what the judge will say at their vastly reduced sentences will be something like this; "These men have shown tremendous remorse and we must not forget the many years of serving the community honorably before they were led astray. Therefore, I feel that 23 months (certainly no more than 3 years) will repay their debt to society." Any takers?