Monday, October 20, 2008

Jack Murtha Tells us All We Need to Know About Paul Kanjorski and the Mortgage Meltdown

Jack Murtha, the guy that thinks everybody in Pa. is a racist, talks candidly about a few things. The most important thing he talks about is Kanjo coming to him over 6 months ago. The purpose of that meeting? Kanjo warned him that Fannie and Freddie weren't going to make it (Kanjo's exact words).

I only have two things to say about that;
1. If he warned Murtha about it 6 months ago, how long did he really know about it?
2. What did he do in the past 6 months to try to stop it?

Click the link, watch the video!!!!!


Anonymous said...

This video also appears on youtube. When you couple this video with Kanjo's remarks on Jim Lehrer September 30th he cannot escape the blame for watching this crisis happen and doing nothing. His energy is gone. Time for new blood.

Zen said...

exactly anon