Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poll Results

Thank you to all that voted!!!!!!

Congratulations to Barney Frank, winner of the past week's Biggest Cornhole in Government poll!!
Barney Frank- 32%
Barack Obama- 31%
John McCain- 31%
Paul Kandoucheski- 6%

I feel bad for Paul, nobody even wanted him to win biggest cornhole. I honestly thought Frank would've run away with it. Who'd a thunk?

For tomorrow's all new biggest cornhole challenge, these are the contestants I am thinking of;
Nancy "Batshit Crazy" Pelosi
Chris "Rob em Blind" Dodd
Ted "Bridgemaster" Stevens

Will they give Barney Frank a run for his money or not??

If you'd like to see another name, put it in the comments and I'll consider it. You have until the morning!!

1 comment:

tinman1 said...

Well NE PA is filled with idiots who actually think its ok for our elected reps to swindle us, cheat us and take care of friends and familiy on tax payers dime. Kantjorski is a joke and should have been fired after his firts term.