Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This Joke is Offensive

and I am probably going to hell for laughing at it. Thanks to Steve R.

Two Middle East mothers are sitting in a cafe chatting over a plate of tabouli and a pint of goat's milk.
The older of the two pulls a bag out of her purse and starts flipping through photos. They start reminiscing.
'This is my oldest son Mohammed. He would have been 24 years old now.' '
Yes, I remember him as a baby' says the other mother cheerfully.
'He's a martyr now though' mum confides.
'Oh, so sad dear' says the other.
'And this is my second son Kalid. He would have been 21.'
'Oh, I remember him,' says the other happily, 'he had such curly hair when he was born'.
'He's a martyr too' says mum quietly.
'Oh, gracious me ...' Says the other.
'And this is my third son. My baby. My beautiful Ahmed. He would have been 18', she whispers.
'Yes' says the friend enthusiastically, 'I remember when he first started school'
'He's a martyr also,' says mum, with tears in her eyes.
After a pause and a deep sigh, the second Muslim mother looks wistfully at the photographs and says... 'They blow up so fast, don't they...'

Monday, September 28, 2009

Steve Corbett and Judge Burke

Maybe Steve Corbett is a better man than I have previously judged. He has written on his blog at wilknewsradio.com that he was wrong and that he would vote to retain Judge Burke.

It takes a bigger man to admit when they are wrong and that is exactly what Mr. Corbett has done. Kudos to you Steve!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Steve Corbett and the Luzerne County Court House

It seems everybody else has weighed in on the retention of judges issue. Corbett has unequivocally stated that no judge should be retained. As with most things, he is wrong yet again.

Judge Burke is one of the finest judges we have ever had on the bench in this county. He has done absolutely nothing to warrant the scorn that a half-assed local talk show host has heaped upon him. Judge Burke never went to the condo in Fla. He never associated with the juvie brothers like some other local judges have done. My question is, why is Corbett painting him with the same brush. Is it because Judge Burke is a Republican?? Sure seems like it.

Before anybody puts too much stock into Corbett's opinions you should remember that he thinks Tina Gartley will be the best judge in the universe solely because she has a vagina. That is possibly the dumbest thing to ever escape Corbett's mouth and the good lord knows that he can't go 3 minutes without trying to top himself in the stupid remarks arena.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Letter to Arlen Specter

A friend of mine wrote this letter to Arlen. I think it sums up a great many people's feelings. Thanks for sharing J.

Thought you would enjoy reading the email I just sent to ASSHOLE Specter.

Dear Senator,

I must address you as my Senator from PA. now but not for long! I am embarrassed that you represent the great state that I live in. You are only concerned about yourself and NOTHING else! I have never seen a person act the way you are. Maybe you need to get a job with ACORN after all of us proud Pennsylvanians throw you out of office once and for all. It is obvious that you do NOT represent our values anymore and it is time for you to go! I will donate my time and money to see to it that this is your LAST term in office! If you think for one minute that I am the only one that feels this way, you are in for a big surprise, my friend. To the staffer that is reading this, better get your resume out as you will not have your job much longer!

Kanye West is a Jackass!!

President Obama, in a rare fit of honesty, said that Kanye was a jackass. For perhaps the first time, I believe something our current president said.

As usual however, he was only being partially honest. He forgot to mention that the reigning champion worst president of all time, Jimmy Carter, is also a jackass. If you haven't heard by now, the peanut president claims that it is only racism that keeps all whites from embracing and trusting all of Pres. Obama's plans. Mr. Carter, you were born a douchebag and you will die a douchebag without ever having attempted to make up for your douchebaggery. The problem with your theory is that the reason that most people don't trust or believe Pres. Obama is because by his actions and deeds he has not earned it. It has absolutely nothing to do with his race. It has everything to do with people in his own administration already disagreeing with his outright deceptions. They are openly stating that taxes will have to be raised on a lot more than just 1 or even 5% of the wage earners as just one example.

Perhaps it has something to do with Pres. Obama committing to double the national debt before he even hit 8 months in office (it took the RINO Bush 8 years). I can see how that would make any person fearful. Perhaps it is Pres. Obama's continuing relationships with nefarious individuals and entities. say ACORN for example. Bill Ayers and Prof. Gates would also come to mind.

I will however admit that in the instance, I am in complete agreement with our President about Kanye West!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Text of Chairman Terry Casey's Speech Kicking off Operation Heart

Chairman Terry Casey’s Remarks
Tuesday, Sept. 15
I’d like to thank everyone for coming out today -- this is a critical event for the Republican Party but mostly for the citizens of Luzerne County.
I thank the candidates for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come here today to stand together and make this pledge to the residents of the county. Mostly, I thank them for putting themselves out there every day, just so that we can live in an area that is free of corruption.
Joining us today are:
· Supreme Court candidate Judge Joan Orie Melvin
· Court of Common Pleas candidates Richard Hughes and William Amesbury
· Controller candidate Walter Griffith
· Prothonotary candidate Carolee Medico Olenginski
· Register of Wills/Clerk of the Orphan’s Court candidate Gina Nevenglosky
· Frank Semanski, who is seeking re-election as jury commissioner, is also on our ticket
· And we certainly can’t forget Judge Thomas Burke, a man of honesty and integrity who is up for retention this year.
Thirty-seven years ago, following a devastating flood, the people of Luzerne County came together with a lot of heart and soul to rebuild our communities, churches and businesses -- piece by piece, house by house, neighborhood by neighborhood.
It didn’t matter if you were young or old, rich or poor, what religion you followed or whether you were Democrat or Republican. We worked side by side.
The result was a rebirth in our downtowns and neighborhoods. The people of Luzerne County showed such resolve and camaraderie that this area become known as the Valley With a Heart.
That will and determination, that essential goodness, is still here. Unfortunately, it has been overshadowed by a corrupt political machine brought on by the perils of a one-party system. It’s the dirty little secret that we’ve all known about for years: cronyism, nepotism, teachers paying for jobs. One set of rules for those in power, another set of rules for the rest of us.
So, what do we do to polish that tarnished image and to reclaim our reputation as the Valley With A Heart?
Nothing short of a heart transplant.
And that’s what we plan to do.
We are the Republican Party of Luzerne County and I stand here today and pledge that the days of a one-party political system are over.
With your help, these men and women standing next to me will give our county that much-needed heart transplant.
Together we will work to reclaim Luzerne County for the people who believe that government should be run with the consent of the governed, that our tax dollars and votes should not be frittered away with negligent practices or sold to the highest bidder. Or, in some cases, through illegal, no-bid contracts.
Most importantly we want to know that everyone will receive a fair shake when he or she seeks justice in our court system especially the most vulnerable among us, our children.
We are here today to announce the official creation of Operation HEART.
· Honesty
· Ethics
· Accountability
· Reform
· Transparency
These are virtues that have been largely missing from our county government lately.
Just as we did in 1972, we need to come together and fight this veil of corruption and mistrust that permeates our county.
We need to unite -- young and old, rich and poor, Republicans and Democrats, to fight the good fight.
There is a bright spot: The wheels of justice are turning again. Today in federal court in Scranton, two disgraced judges will be arraigned on racketeering charges.
But the next step is up to you, the voters of Luzerne County. This is your chance to wipe the slate clean and allow the Valley With a Heart to shine again.
We’re fortunate to have a candidate at the top of our statewide ticket who lives by these principles.
Judge Joan Orie Melvin is a tough but fair judge who plays an active role in the lives of her six children.
The integrity she has shown throughout her career, including her battle against the infamous 2005 pay raise, is just what we need on our highest court.
Ladies and gentleman, Supreme Court candidate Judge Joan Orie Melvin.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Luzerne County GOP Press Release

Sept. 9, 2009
Contact: Renita Fennick 208-4671 or 239-8851
WILKES-BARRE -- Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele gave a pep talk to party faithful at Wednesday’s grand opening of the Luzerne County Republican Party headquarters on South Main Street.
Steele cut a red, white and blue ribbon and spoke to members of Club GOP, a newly formed grassroots organization designed to support the county GOP.
“This place is more than just four walls, fluorescent lights and a flag,” Steele said. “It’s where the Republican Party of Luzerne County will grow.”The local GOP’s permanent headquarters will house the offices of Executive Director Renita Fennick, and Northeast Pennsylvania Regional Director Jon Hopcraft of the state GOP. It will provide a meeting and campaign area for local, county, state and federal candidates and will feature a 24-line phone bank to assist with campaign efforts.
Steele urged party workers to come out and support the party and the candidates in the Nov. 3 election and said the timing was good for the GOP.
“Don’t believe it when they say the Republican Party is the party of no,” Steele said. “Our record is good. The opportunity is right.”
Steele, who was elected chairman of the national GOP in January, mingled with members of the ClubGOP during a private reception.
Club GOP members pay annual dues of $50 or more and receive membership cards, a subscription to the GOP Newsletter, a discount to some events and invitations to club-only functions.
County Chairman Terry Casey said the club’s goal is to make the local Republican Party a true grassroots organization.
“This allows the people to own the party,” Casey said. “This will truly make the Luzerne County Republican Party a party of the people.”
In the past, Casey said, the misconception was that people had to be big donors to make a difference, pointing out that the annual membership fee is less than $5 a month.
Casey said the Republican leadership recognizes that money isn’t everything and that not all registered Republicans would be willing or able to donate $50 to the cause which is why there are provisions for people to receive paid memberships by volunteering.
Membership dues will be used to pay the costs of keeping the headquarters open full time.
Anyone interested in obtaining more information may e-mail luzernecountygop@gmail.com or call headquarters at 570-208-4671.
41 s. main st. ste. 14
Wilkes-Barre PA 18701
Phone (570) 208-GOP1
Web site www.luzernecountygop.com

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best Obama Joke on the Internet

Guy goes into a bar, there's a robot bartender. The robot says, "What will you have?" The guy says, "Martini." The robot brings back the best martini ever and says to the man, "What's your IQ?" The guy says,"168". The robot then proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration and medical technology.

The guy leaves, but he is curious, so he goes back into the bar. The robot bartender says, "What will you have?" The guy says, "Martini". Again, the robot makes a great martini, gives it to the man and says, "What's your IQ?" The guy says, "100." The robot then starts to talk about Nascar, Budweiser and John Deere tractors.

The guy leaves, but finds it very interesting, so he thinks he will try it one more time. He goes back into the bar. The robot says, "What will you have?" The guy says, "Martini", and the robot brings him another great martini. The robot then says, "What's your IQ?" The guy says, "Uh, about 50." The robot leans in real close and says, "So, you people still happy you voted for Obama?"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly but not in that order

I take a few days off and seems I missed a few things.

First, as is readily apparent, I am not a fan of Pres. Obama. That said, I find it ridiculous that people are protesting his taped speech to students in the classroom. This is not a precedent. The thing I find truly amazing is that so many people think so little of the President, or outright fear him, that he has evoked this response. Mr. Obama, that is a precedent and perhaps you should catch a clue. Your popularity is going down faster than a bowlful in my Flushmaster 3000 toilet. Mayhap you should alter your positions yet again?

The Health Insurance overhaul wages on. By the way, I wish both sides would call it that as that is what it is. This whole shebang is about yet adding another bureaucracy to our already over-bloated mess we call the federal government. It is not about helping the poor, kids, or the elderly as they will certainly get screwed the worst.

Bonner is out and Dave Yonki wants in. The Yonk, the Yonkster, the Yonk-a-Doodle-Dooooo. You may be surprised, but I am all for it. Mr. Yonki is an intelligent, honorable guy. He and I may not agree on just about anything politically, but Dave, you have my support!!

Michael Steele will be in town tomorrow to open the brand new Headquarters of the Luzerne County Republican Party. The ribbon cutting will be at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. This is a private event for Club GOP members. You can join at the door however I recommend beating the rush and stopping by the new HQ today at 41 South Main St. in Wilkes-Barre. It is conveniently located next to one of my favorite restaurants, Thai Thai!!! I will be at the ceremony tomorrow and hope to see you all there.

Barack Obama's Downfall

These are hillarious. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breaking News, Prominent democrat Jerry Bonner Indicted

Jerry Bonner, Jury Commissioner and member of the county housing authority has been indicted on a corruption charge. What a friggin shock!!!! Not!!! Yet another wonderful example of our elected democrats showing their true colors!!