Monday, September 15, 2008

Obama's Liberal Promises, Tinfoil hats, and Stupid Voters

While out having a beer at the local pub, I couldn't help but overhear a conversation among some "progressives". I was the only conservative in the bar and certainly the only republican. I held my tongue for most of the hour or so that I was there. Listening to such idiotic banter may have been detrimental to my mental health. You can just imagine what they were talking about. Bush is responsible for everything from A.I.D.S. to Hurricane Ike. They went further with their tinfoil hattery and said that McCain is secretly going to be Bush's puppet while president. Even through this mindless shit, did I stay my tongue. When they started with the whole we gotta vote for the guy that will do something for us is when I felt compelled to interject. I asked them what happened to J.F.K.'s ideal of asking not what your country can do for you but to ask what you can do for your country? Are you ready for it? The response was that the republican party is controlled by the rich and is keeping the average man down. That ever since Nixon, the military industrial complex has controlled everything, including their wages and that's why they can't get ahead. Well, boy howdy, did I throw a rock at a hornet's nest then. I called bullshit. I asked how many of them went to college to better their job options. I asked how many of them work 2 or 3 jobs if their primary job isn't getting it done. I then asked how many poor people ever gave them a job. I asked how much of raise they can expect when Obama taxes the crap out of companies. I asked how many new jobs and positions will be created when the cost of doing business skyrockets. I asked how many companies would just move off shore to avoid crippling taxes. as you can imagine they became upset. Fortunately, I am a big guy with a reputation for being more than willing to "defend" myself so no violence broke out. I am hoping they were upset from hearing the truth. The fact is, I was more upset than they were. Why you ask? Because we let people that fooking stupid vote!!!

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