Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've seen the 9th level of hell

Today has got to go down in my history as one of the most irritating ever. My smart phone broke after just 3 months. As a smart consumer, I went back to the store I got it from, cough, Verizon, hack, to get it exchanged for a new one. They were great about the exchange. They were great about everything, right up until it came time to migrate the data from the broken unit to the new one. The genius tech support guy erased all of my contacts. Permanently deleted with no hope of recovery!!! I only had about 400 names and numbers in there and only in there. The phone came with Microsoft Active Sync. I know it sounds hard to believe, but it didn't work with the phone they sold me. They have an online back-up service as well. Guess what? That doesn't work with the phone they sold me either. I wish I'd gone with Cingular!!!!!


Anonymous said...

so you keep your only list of contacts in an electronic that could fail at any moment and didn't keep them backed up with the software that came in your box? obviously Verizon's fault you lost them.. obviously

Zen said...

Their software didn't work. Not with my phone, my associates phone, or any other of the phones in the office. Not on any of the computers in the office either. So it wasn't a case of just one machine or phone not working. I have a hard copy list of about half of the contacts and many of them stored on a older phone but that isn't the issue. Manually putting them all in is the problem. Verizon has acknowledged their fault in this to the tune of a $245. credit. They acknowledge that Active Sync doesn't work with their Verizon SMT5800 smart phone. They acknowledge their online back-up doesn't work with the phone. So yeah, it's their fault.