Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Capital Punishment and a Questionable Judge

George Banks, convicted mass murderer, gets another pass from a judge that will likely be removed from the bench and even more likely be indicted. Judge Conahan found Banks to be incompetent to be executed. After two decades of being coached, I am pretty sure you can teach a rock how to be declared mentally incompetent.

I still remember the smug look on Banks's face when he was arrested. There has never been any doubt that he is guilty. This is the glaring problem of capital punishment. This asshat's execution has been delayed for what feels like forever. The argument from the pro-baby death/anti-death penalty crowd has always been that it costs more to execute a killer than it does to keep them behind bars for life. The Banks situation may in fact prove their point. The legal fees that amass from keeping killers alive is what they are talking about. The question I have is why do we as a society allow it?

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