Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A converstion with my sister about Obama and the Insanity of his plans

What I wrote about democracy falling is based on a quote I once read and can't recall the source. We were talking in general about the economy and the following e mails came about.

What I wrote to my sister:

I wrote a piece after having a long talk with a friend. He has a liquid net worth of over $230 million. He feels that our country will fall within our lifetime. Unfortunately, I think he is right. When the populace continues to vote in leaders that promise more and more out of the treasury to them, democracy always fails. When that happens, it is replaced by a dictatorship. Our citizens, and especially democrat voters are on this path. Not one single media outlet has condemned Obama for his windfall profits tax and the bribe of $1000. for your vote. This is the path that destroys America. Robin Hood was a great story but is a shitty economic plan.

Her respone:

It sure looks that way. I am so tired of people thinking that the gov't and those of us who work for everything we have are responsible for saving their sorry carcasses every time they hiccup. Why is it that people can't or don't think they should have to be responsible for themselves? It infuriates me when I hear things like...well they don't have money for food and you see them driving a Denali and have a 50" plasma and Bose surround sound and expensive jewelry. I say...sell you stuff and you will have money for food. It is about priorities. If you can't spend your money wisely it isn't my problem to support your families basic needs. We spend a lot of money on our child. Not in toys or electronics but on tutoring and medical stuff that isn't covered by insurance to give him a better future. However, when money is tight...and it is rather frequently, we don't expect someone else to buy us food. We eat mac and cheese and hot dogs or something else cheap. What is wrong with people!!!??!!

Ok I ranted for today. I feel much better now!!! LOL
See we really are related!!!

By the way, when I asked her if she minded if I posted this, her response:

LOL Feel free. I hate bleeding heart liberals that don't earn a dime of their own money but have absolutely no issue taking mine.

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