Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Obama 08 Made for the Media

Perhaps the truest cartoon I have ever seen. In the media's eyes, this jug-eared jerk can do no wrong. He claims he visited 57 or 58 states and in how many media outlets did you hear about it? He sees fallen heroes at a campaign stop. Did you read about it or see it on the news? He claims his grandfather liberated Auschwitz, same deal. He slips and slides about abortion. He voted to allow life birth abortions. This is when the baby is born but they let it die on the table. When asked about his stance his answer was that it was above his pay grade to know when life begins. To this, I have just 2 comments. 1. I'm pretty sure a newly born, crying baby is alive and 2. You are running for the highest pay grade office in the country. You cannot use that lame ass dodge to answer legitimate questions.

In stark contrast, take a look at how the media covers McCain/Palin. Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant. What does the media do? Drag her into the center of the stage. This kid could've done the easy thing and taken the Obama solution but didn't. She is going to have the baby. Does this mean it's fair for the Obamanatics and the media to attack her? I sure don't think so. As a matter of fact, they should leave this kid out of it. She isn't running for office, her mother is.
The media is now making a deal out of a mother of 5 hitting the campaign trail. Just a question, what did you think she should do? Stay home in the kitchen? Isn't that antithetical to what the media has been bashing McCain with? I mean after all, how many times has the story been put out that Mac is against equal pay? against women's rights?

These just a few examples. The only people in America that don't think Obama is getting a free ride from the media are the farthest left lunatic fringe.

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