Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama Denies He Meant Anything Sexist About Palin

I don't want to spook anybody, but Obama claims he wasn't talking about Sarah Palin with his classless lipstick remark. Like many on the left, it seems like it is always monkey see, monkey do with Obama. I am certainly not chucking any spears at straw huts with this post. Who knows, maybe Obama missed his nappy time. Anything is possible. I just don't believe it. Let's call a spade a spade!! We all knew who he meant to insult with his witless pun. I know Palin must be dancing a jig as more and more women flock to support her because of the leftist attacks.
How it must gall Obama to go from the front runner to the darkie horse! The coons have certainly tipped over his trash cans this time. I don't know how he will recover from this gaffe. Not only has he gotten a black eye over this, but a fat lip too. He can't afford to be lazy now. He is really going to have to work to overcome the stink he has generated.

If Obama's remarks are fine then there are no racist overtones in this post. I hope you all can see what I did there. Racism sucks just as much as sexism and misogyny.

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Anonymous said...

God help your racist ego.