Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Committee Meeting at Mark's Pub

A group of local bloggers and commenters got together last night to do our part to bail out the malt beverage industry. I'd say we did our part! It is always interesting to get together with other political junkies and shoot the shit. There were only two Republicans in the mix but the other side was well represented. These guys that were there aren't flaming leftist farktards. They are a pretty cool group of rational thinkers that can carry on a conversation without going off their rockers. I want to say thank you for a great night out to these guys. In no particular order; Gort42, Forrest Gump, Pope George Ringo, PJ the Web Lefty, NEPAlibwatch, and Another Monkey. If I missed anybody, forgive me the Lager was going down quicker than Monica Lewinski in the Oval Office.

We did a poll of the various elections of who we thought would win. It will be interesting to see if we actually called them right.
The Results:
President- McCain
Pa 10Th- Carney
Pa 11Th- Barletta

I can't wait for the next meeting and I hope more of the crew can attend.


NEPAConseravtive said...

I'll leave the beer bottle nipple at home next time. Definitely a good group of douche bags. Of course I wont let any of that stand in the way of any future verbal assaults !!! Good day sir !

Zen said...

as my friends in japan would say, Velly funny!

Gort said...

I thought that there was an even split on the Prez race and was surprised that we were unaninmous that Carney would beat Hackett.

BTW, Do you guys own stock in Massengill?

Zen said...

ok, ok, I'll move on from the douche variations to, hmmmm, the cornhole variants.

No Pope was the tie breaker on the Prez. he even channelled a Kennedy accent with his proclamation.

Anonymous said...

u sound like bunch of homos

Fred Flamer said...

I resent that description of those cretins. After seeing the way they dressed it was I could do not to call the fashion police.

And what about the decor of that place with all that sports stuff on the walls, eew. A few window treatments would brighten the place up.