Monday, September 15, 2008

Guest Post from Kar

Double standard?

The “main stream” media is drooling at the prospect of probing every nook & cranny of Sarah Palin’s past political life hoping to glean something/anything that will torpedo her candidacy. This idea that she has to have foreign policy experience to be considered for the vice-presidency would be amusing if it wasn’t so hypocritical.

Palin is a governor, Bill Clinton was a governor, George W. Bush was a governor, Ronald Reagan was a governor, Jimmy Carter was a governor, it is safe to say that few, if any, governors have foreign policy experience. It’s not in the job description. Palin is being held to a standard higher than that being demanded from Barack Obama and Obama is running for President, just what foreign policy experience does he possess?

Joe Biden for all his blather is a 2 time failed candidate for the presidential nomination of his own party. He has twice offered himself to democratic voters, and twice they rejected him. His foreign policy experience is what exactly? Thirty-six years as a Senator? Serving on the foreign relations committee? Many will remember Joe’s whole-hearted endorsement of the evidence presented by this administration prior to the Iraq invasion. Only after it became evident that there were no WMD did he and others abandon ship and start up with the non-sense that they had been deceived…now that’s leadership.

Oh and this is the same Joe Biden who wanted to partition Iraq.What a disaster that would have been, get all the feuding factions concentrated in separate areas and watch the fun begin. This is the same Joe Biden who claimed that the surge would not, could not, work. He went as far as suggesting that General Petraeus was “dead flat wrong”. Well check again Joe, the surge is working; no amount of twisting or manipulating the facts can change that, so Biden and a whole bunch of foreign policy “experts” were wrong.

Oh and another thing Sarah Palin’s ideas and views are her own, and while she may not agree with McCain on everything, she understands that McCain is at the top of the ticket, and she will work vigorously to win this election.

Joe Biden? Well he does have a history of “borrowing” the words of others. Heck for all we know he may not have ever had an original idea or thought… I’m just sayin’.

None of this matters to the “unbiased” main stream media, they will poke & prod around Sarah Palin’s past to determine if she rises to the high standard that they only apply to republican candidates.

Give us all a break.


Anonymous said...

who is kar?

Zen said...

Kar is a local man that is active in politics and a frequent commentor on Gort42.

kar said...

Who am I?

Well I aspire to be Chris Hackett's worst nightmare, other than that I dabble in republican politics.

Thanks for the exposure Zen.


Zen said...

my pleasure. I like the post by the way. Not quite as snarky as I write but good none the less.