Monday, August 25, 2008

Why I love Biden as the dem veep choice

I love it because it virtually guarantees a republican win. He is a loose cannon that is on record everywhere stating that Obomber is not fit to be president. He has publicly stated all the reasons I have written that Obomber would be an abomination as a president. Feel free to google Biden on Obomber, I think you'll laugh your arse off.

I truly hope McCain brings out his maverick side with his veep pick. I have already written many of the reasons democrats will vote for him, just imagine if he picks Lieberman!! I know Lieberman is a dem. but you know what? I can't think of a bad thing to write about him. I think he is a genuinely honest politician. Think about big Mac picking Alan Keyes!!!!! Holy w00t, batman. For these reasons I think it will be a mistake for mac to pick Ridge, Huck, or Romney. Those picks will not increase the crossover vote but there are many that will. That is what we need to save this nation from the certain ruin that Barack Hussein Obama will bring down on our great nation.

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