Friday, August 15, 2008

A good example of why we hate lawyers

Above is the story about George Banks. His main attorney Al Flora has fought to keep this scumbag alive for 2 decades. There is absolutely no doubt of his guilt. Why is he still alive? Why is he now delusional? I am not saying that he has had over twenty years to practice and be coached how to fool a head shrinker. Actually, yeah, I am saying that. That aside, I could not give anybody the hair from a rat's fookin ass to keep him alive even if he really is batshit crazy. For what possible reason are we throwing away tax dollars on his worthless ass? To keep Flora's name in the paper? For the free publicity he gets? I don't know and I sure as hell don't understand it. I truly believe that when you maliciously kill somebody that you give up your right to life. Isn't it ironic that the liberal left is all for killing innocent babies but all for keeping this piece of shit and others like him alive? Before any of my leftie readers give me the old but you claim to be pro-life argument, let me stop you there. I am anti-abortion as a means of birth control. Yes, I do think there can be extenuating circumstances when an abortion would be ethical (think rape) otherwise I ask those choosing this vile practice for no other reason than stupidity, ever hear of adoption?????

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