Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I may need to see a shrink!!!!!!

While listening to Uber Lapdog Carney on Liberal Loonie Radio( Nancy and Kevin on WILK), I heard something that not only made sense, I actually agree with him to a degree about it. He said he was for more drilling as long as the oil that came from new wells wasn't for export. He was still spouting the democrat party lie about the 68 million acre leases which of course is raw stupidity at its finest, but I do like the idea of keeping the oil here at least for the near term. This will have an immediate impact on every Americans pocket. Although one point he brought up has me thinking. He said the new wells are on land that every American owns(which is true, shocking that he said anything true, I know). Does this mean we will get a royalty check like Alaskans get?

I am curious about something though. From the Exalted Obama and Queen Mother Pelosi right on down to the likes of Superdouche Kanjorski, the dems are all changing their tune on oil. Can it be that they are finally grasping that people are sick of them doing nothing to relieve the strain on America's citizens? Are they finally going to try to listen to their constituents? Nope, it's just political expediency. You see, they never thought McCain could close the gap on The Most Righteous, Obama. They are running scared. They regret their bullshit rhetoric and pray that everybody forgets and forgives it. I hope they are doing too little, too late

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