Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Luzerne County Reassessment and a True Democrat

I really didn't want to write about this but it seems somebody has to. Between the cornwads from Harvey's Lake and super douche Skrep it's hard to choose where to start.

I guess I'll start with the lake folk that are making spectacles of themselves (and I certainly don't mean everybody from the lake). Perhaps the greatest example of a person trying to emulate a fecal impaction in the history of human douchebaggery is the goofball that has been in both local papers crying about his new value. He says that 21st Century valued his house at $700k but thinks it's only worth $400-500k. This in and of itself is ok. Where this whacker went off the rails is when he says his old assessed value was $78,000 and that's what his taxes have been based on for 30 years. Hello, numbnuts, even if you are right about being over assessed now, you fooking admitted to paying just 20% of what you should have been paying for 30 marthafocking years!!!!!!!! Are you that stupid? If so, please do not procreate.
I understand that some homes have been valued radically higher than they should have been. I did think that that was what the appeals process was for. Further, a huge number of homes in the county have been paying far less in taxes than they should have. This is why the millage rates went through the roof in virtually every school district.

The older people who have lived in their houses for 30 years and longer are getting the biggest sticker shock. They are crying foul and whining how unfair it is. I ask all of them, is it fair that you have been paying far less than you should have? You see folks, you can't cry about the new value without pointing out that you have been taking advantage of the system for decades. My advice; Shut the fark up and start paying your share!!

You want to know who really got the shaft in this? People like me that built a home within the last twenty years. We have been paying our share and those whiners listed above share, since we built. We didn't have decades of low taxes on our properties. So to sum it up; too bad, so sad, welcome to the real world and pay your share.

On to the scrap, I mean Skrep. Greggy has decided he is against the reassessment now and wants it stopped. What he really wants and prays for is that his new stance will help people forget all the scandal that Greg is directly involved in and get him reelected. Like the true democrat that he is (think Obama and the $1000 per couple for your vote from windfall thievery), he pledges to do the politically expedient rather than pledging to do the right thing. It is a tragedy that this is the best we can hope for in politicians of this ilk. We should all hang our heads in shame for electing douche bags of this magnitude to lead us.


Anonymous said...

You are right on the money. It is amazing that Skrep wants to do the right thing. Once a bum always a bum. He got caught and now he is trying to ride the wave of fairness for the taxpayer. This guy should just quit. Also, you are right about all the years people have gotten away without paying their fair share. Now parity comes along and they are crying.

Anonymous said...

Your notion that some have been paying a discounted tax due to outdated values may have some merit, but in my case, and maybe others as well, the problem is with this 21st Century company, the county records department or BOTH. I have two vacant lots at Eagle Rock. They assessed the value I paid for BOTH lots, to EACH lot, more than doubling the assessed value and nearly TRIPLING the tax. Even though I tried desperately to have them correct the clerical error by phone, I now have to travel to Hazleton, at my expense of course, to appeal THEIR MISTAKE. If they can make such a stupid mistake, and they can refuse to correct it once notified, then it leads me to believe that 21st Century, AND the lame brains in your backward and incompetent county courthouse are making just as many mistakes throughout the county. Under their assessment I would pay MORE tax for a vacant lot of less than an acre, with no road or sewer yet present, then I pay on my 3000 sq ft house on 3 acres in Montgomery County, the wealthiest county in the state. I say good for ANY politician who puts a stop to such abuse no matter his motivations!