Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Political Correctness Gone Wild

I can't help but be annoyed by our local lefties on WILK as well as all the others that call illegal aliens by the term undocumented immigrants. This is like calling somebody that drives without a license an undocumented driver. do you know what the two have in common? I bet you all got it in one try. They are both breaking the law. Whether or not anybody gets hurt by their crime, they are in fact still criminals.

Have we become such a nanny state that we cannot call a criminal a criminal?

The man who was beaten to death in Shenandoah was an illegal alien. Did he deserve to be attacked? Absolutely not. Did the victim deserve to be deported? Absolutely yes.

I think the cornholes that killed him should face 1st degree murder charges and get the death penalty when convicted.

By the by, I wrote Corbett and sent him links that prove illegal immigrants are costing us all money. What are the odds he tells the other side of the story? I'm guessing less than zero out of a hundred.

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NEPAConseravtive said...

I took a 2 week break from listening to these boobs in the morning. After reading this, I think it's been long enough : )

There is no such thing as an illegal to Corbett. It's a racists and offensive term. There just all good people, sneaking in, snapping up all the low paying jobs that we don't want to do.
BS !!!