Monday, August 4, 2008

Obama's Energy Plan or lack thereof

The salient points I gleaned from his announcement are to get off oil within our lifetimes and to redistribute wealth via his plan to buy votes with $1,000. rebate checks paid for by his proposed "windfall profit tax".

While I do like a good dream myself, I have to wonder what kind of drugs Obama is on to have said this. Forget about anything that uses petroleum as fuel for a moment. Does this farking retard know that plastic comes from petroleum? Hope you don't need any type of surgery that requires plastic parts or the use of a catheter. Hope you like lugging glass jugs around. For the younger set, a gallon of milk in a glass jug (yep, it used to come in glass) feels like it weighs twice as much. What about all the trees that will go just for shopping bags? Doesn't sound like a very green solution to me. As for vehicles, does the Righteous One even know how far off in the future a reliable hydrogen fuel cell car is? Does he know how long it will be until they make one that somebody without Bill Gate's wealth can afford? A hint, it will be more than a decade. This entire line of thought of his has got to be from 20 or 30 too many bong hits. It is the very definition of a pipe dream. It is impossible and if he isn't high, he damn well knows it.

As for his redistribution of wealth, er, I mean windfall tax plan; Does the Heavenly Blessed know just how many Americans will be adversely effected? If you have a retirement plan, guess what, you almost assuredly own oil stock in it. He is going to stick his hand in your pocket and essentially buy votes with your money. That isn't the only problem I see either. Who will determine what is a windfall profit? What formula will be used? Will it be based on what percentage a company drops to the bottom line? Gross dollar amount of profit? For those left leaning bastards out there, this isn't 1917 Russia. The government should never have the right to flat out steal your money. Should this precedent occur, as Rome went, so shall America. What company in their right mind would have a business here? You want to see jobs go overseas? This plan will guarantee it!!!!

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