Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anybody else sick of Edwardsgate???

I am sick of hearing about it. He is not a factor in this election. At the end of the day when you skim the scum off the top, he is just an ambulance chaser that cheated on his wife. What a shock!!!! Poor Rush and Corbett are wetting their collective pants over it and all the while they are salivating for more. When you revel in someone else's misery, you deserve whatever karma brings to your life. I don't care if you are dem or rep, leftie or rightie, this is a dead story. Personally, I never had a high opinion of Edwards(I know, what a shock). At best he would be a third place finisher in the race. So who cares?? The only real story is why it was ignored by the main stream media. I'm not even a journalist or publisher and I know the answers. 1. They got scooped by a gossip rag and can't stand it. and 2. Edwards is a leftie and they don't like to attack lefties.

Corbett is so far off on a tangent over it that he has been stating that all men hate women, are afraid of women and demean women. Nice generalization Stevie boy. He went further and stated that was why men go to nudie bars and have bachelor parties. For the record I haven't been to one of those establishments in at least 14 years. I don't like them, but not for the reason Corbetty said. I equate visiting nudie bars with going to a restaurant, looking at the menu, and not ordering anything. I think most men go to them to see a real live woman naked instead of on a computer screen. I could be wrong. As for bachelor parties all I can say is corBetty should attend a bachelorette party if he really wants his eyes opened and be in desperate need of mind bleach immediately afterward. You see betty, women aren't quite the terribly fragile little flowers you see them as. Today's woman is smart and tough as nails. They can roll with us big bad awful men and when it comes to perversity, they can certainly teach the average joe more than he ever wanted to know. As for those poor lost girls that dance in nudie bars, I am sure they are crying all the way to their safe deposit boxes. Did you ever think betty that those dancers are making far more money than they ever could in any other job?? As a matter of fact, far more money than a liberal talk show hack!!!!!!! Oh and Betty, people hate on Hillary not because she is a woman but because she is obnoxiously socialistic and a boor.

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