Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Presidential Debate Drinking Game

I humbly offer 2 choices for your debate drinking game.

First, if you have to drive home after the debate, this one is for you. The rules are quite simple.
Every time either candidate actually answers a question you have to take a drink. I can almost guarantee you will be stone cold sober.

Second, if you have a designated driver or are watching from home, this one is for you.

Every time Pres. Obama says inherited, previous administration, Bush, uh, or um- you have to take a drink.

Every time Romney comes off looking and or talking like a robot- you have to take a drink.

If you follow those simple rules, you will be annihilated, blotto, wrecked, plowed, murdered, 3 sheets to the wind, bombed etc.

Enjoy the debate though I seriously doubt we will see anything new tonight.

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