Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Who Won the Presidential Debate?

I've always liked an aggressive style when debating and clearly Pres. Obama was by far the more aggressive last night.

I think the President clearly won on nearly every foreign policy issue (all 3 that were brought up) mostly because Rmoney decided to agree with him on all of them.

Whoever in Mitt's camp came up with the plan to appear as the super amiable moderate should be kicked in the nuts repeatedly. I understand that with 2 major sporting events on television that they assumed most viewers would be women but really, what woman wants a man that appears soft?

The only points I think Mitt clearly scored were on domestic issues  which he handily won all of them. The Pres. cannot overcome his dismal record which is why he spent the last 2 debates on the attack. If you can't run on your record, conventional wisdom is to attack and try to destroy your opponent. I think Pres. Obama has tried that but came off looking rather non-presidential and more than a wee bit scared.

We are in the last two weeks and I cannot wait to see the ads that are bound to come out!!

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