Tuesday, October 16, 2012

President Obama Showed Up For The Debate

And still lost. I was glad for the President to prove he wasn't the mope that showed at the first debate. I think he did far better this time around but still failed on many of the big points especially Libya and the economy.

He came out directly stating he wants another assault weapons ban which I think will hurt him with the voters.

My wife watched the debate with me and believe me she is a very moderate person politically, her comment was Pres. Obama came off poorly and was very unbelievable. She was almost as incredulous as I was when Rmoney more or less directly told the President he has been a complete failure and Pres Obama's response was crickets. Of course I have said before that Pres. Obama is a lot of things and stupid isn't one of them. Even he knows he cannot run on his record. His record as Pres. is deplorable and in fact not defensible.

I will say they both beat the snot out of the moderator!!

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