Friday, September 28, 2012

Pres. Obama's Past

I find it hilarious that the democrats want to spend so much time focusing Romney's past while at the same time doing everything to distract from the President's.

By just about every possible metric, things are much worse today than when Obama took office in 2009. Fact is, the only street things are better on is not Main St, it is Wall St. We have a running record of months with unemployment above 8%, deficits over 1 trillion dollars each and every year Obama has been in the big chair. More people on food stamps and welfare than at any other time in history. The list of bad tidings this president has brought is seemingly endless.

Can anybody point to something that is better now than when he took office? I guess you could say we are out of Iraq but that would've happened no matter who was in. Maybe you would point out his signature health care bill. I would say it is so deeply flawed that even the left doesn't like it. Maybe extending the tax cuts?? BTW, please stop calling them the Bush Tax Cuts, the moment Obama extended them, they became his. He repealed DADT, granted a good thing, but with so many problems facing the country I can't help but think that could have waited. Truly, I cannot think of anything really positive to say about Obama's presidency. Maybe you can help me out and tell me.

The simple fact is that Pres. Obama has been an abject failure unless you count making things worse as an accomplishment. I really don't think Clint Eastwood's empty chair could have done a worse job. 

Clinton was a pretty good president. He was a democrat that worked with a republican congress to get things done. Reagan was a good president for much the same reason except he worked with the democrats. Obama simply doesn't have the leadership ability of Clinton's cigar or Reagan's jelly beans!

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