Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sen. Bob Casey Doesn't Deserve Your Vote

Sen. Casey has voted lock step with Pres. Obama's policies. Without exception he has voted completely along party lines contributing to the massive gridlock that is what passes for governance in Washington D.C. these past 4 years.

If those policies had led to America being in better shape than when the current Pres. took office, you may be able to make a case for re-electing him. Unfortunately for all of us, that just isn't remotely reality.

Unemployment continues to hover at 8%. A staggering increase in welfare recipients. The Senate blocking every jobs bill that comes to them from the House. Gas still close to $4. per gallon. Middle East turmoil has increased including the rape and murder of our Libyan ambassador. I could go on and on but will finish by pointing out that Sen. Casey was also there during during the end of Pres. Bush's second term when things really start snowballing downhill.

Honestly, other than being born into political royalty, what can you say about Sen. Casey? Nothing other than he, like the President he has blindly followed, has been an abject failure. He doesn't deserve your vote and frankly I'd vote for anybody short of Satan to replace him.

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