Friday, October 12, 2012

Who won the Vice Presidential debate?

I would give the edge to Biden for just one reason; I like my political debaters to be aggressive. Joe Biden was by far the more aggressive of the 2. He definitely did what Pres. Obama failed to do.

However, I cannot for the life of me make any sense out Biden making faces and his constant laughter. He was laughing more than anything and at the least it made him seem delusional. At the worst it made him look like he was hopped up on meth or disco biscuits.

I will give Ryan credit for remaining professional and being articulate. Biden often rambled so far off the subject I lost track of what the question he was attempting to answer was. I think the next time Ryan goes into a debate he will have learned from his mistakes in this one.

A free tip for Ryan; When you were talking about the danger of Iran becoming a nuclear power and Joe Biden was laughing as you spoke, the correct response would've been; " Joe, are you insane? I cannot see any humor in Iran having nuclear weapons!" and then continue your answer. 

Like any rational person, I see nothing remotely funny about Iran going nuclear. I'd like Joe Biden to explain to his fellow American's exactly what he finds so humorous about it.


Walter Knight said...

Biden is the Village Idoit. Everyone expected him to be off the hook, and he did not disappoint.

Zen said...

I concur but you have to admit, he was the aggressor!!