Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Press Release from Congressman Barletta

Rep. Barletta Clear Winner of First Debate

Hazleton, PA - Tonight, U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta was the clear winner in the first debate between the incumbent congressman and Democratic challenger, Gene Stilp. 

Rep. Barletta clearly explained the challenges facing the 11th District and the nation, and proposed solutions in a wide range of subject areas, from job creation to foreign policy to energy.

"Lou Barletta showed he is not afraid to tackle the the tough issues, solve America's problems, and put Americans back to work," said Lance Stange, Campaign Manager.

"Stilp, on the other hand, offered vague, evasive answers and untruths to hide his lack of understanding of the issues and his shocking lack of plans or even ideas on how to save essential government programs that help seniors, the sick, and the poor."


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... That is hysterical.
Lou puts out his own press release, calling himself the winner.
I was there. He was no winner, no way, no how.

Interesting. Stilp just posted links to actual news articles and video coverage that let the people decide for themselves who won.

That's confidence, not spin.

Lou-ser Barletta

Zen said...

Hey, don't shoot the messenger I just posted the press release.

As for Stilp posting friendly links, well, I just consider the source. Let's not forget our media sold any credibility they had left about 4 years ago