Monday, October 8, 2012

Nude Photos of Michelle Obama

I bet that title got some attention and now that I have it;

This is a quote from my friend Gort42's blog; The Luzerne  County GOP picnic had about 50 attend but they have gone back to the old ways of fighting each other. Urbanski won the Chair so the Casey supporters will boycott everything. More on that later in the week.

While I can certainly imagine what he will write, I thought I would chime in with my not so humble opinion. 

First, I never really was a Casey "supporter" and we disagreed, sometimes vehemently, on many things. That being said, I have heard nothing of an organized boycotting of any county events. Terry Casey and I most often disagreed on his "big tent" theory of including all no matter what their transgressions may be. My point was always; If they actively work against the party or in fact campaign for Democrats when we have a Republican candidate, who needs them. Terry never saw it that way.

It is a well known and established fact that even when Casey was chairman of the county party that there were members of the executive committee as well as elected committee people that actively campaigned for Democratic Party candidates. This didn't start under Casey's chair but long before. Frankly, I won't name names or "out" all of those in the County Republican Party that do this as they are all well known and can be seen at any large Democratic fundraiser. Think any Yudichak, Mundy, or Pashinski fundraiser and you'll probably recall seeing them there. (btw, I do in fact keep a ledger)

Do I understand supporting a friend running for office? Sure I do but when you sit on the executive committee of your county's party, you cannot do it. Period, end of story.

Well those that were best at this duality are now back running the county party. Does this mean I won't go to a county event? Absolutely not!! I haven't heard one other person tell me that they are boycotting anything either. Fact is I will probably see some of you at the Luzerne County Republican's Fall dinner!!


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