Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Presidential Debate 2- Electric Blame Bush-a-roo

Tonight's the night and I genuinely cannot wait. I think this debate will be even better than the first as I believe Pres. Obama is going to come out swinging and make the same mistake Joe Biden did, only better...lol

Pres. Obama didn't show up for the first debate and instead had Clint Eastwood's empty chair on the stage with Rmoney. The problem is the empty chair made Obama look very foolish although not quite as goofy as Biden looked in the VP debate.

I believe Pres Obama is going to come out and try to tie Romney to all the Bush policies. Aside from just about every rational person in the country being tired of the buh, buh, BUH, BUT BUSH bullshit (let's face it Obama has yet to accept any culpability in his failures), the problem is that Obama has continued and or extended most of Bush's policies. The Bush Tax Cuts? Those belong to Obama now. The further eroding of freedoms? All on you Barry. Killing people around the world with robot drone strikes? yep, old B-Rock is all over that. The list is really rather endless.

If I were Mitt, every time he tries that shit I would just remind him that he has continued that path. Worse still, when he tries any new Obamanism, it fails miserably. If Pres Obama does the whole shaking his head and laughing at inappropriate times like Biden, I'd just turn to him and say " Mr President, are you feeling okay? Because I sure as heck don't see what is funny about Iran having nuclear weapons".

I'd also ask the President of these United States if he felt poor Hillary has taken enough of a beating covering up for the men in her life. And if so, why make her throw herself under the bus on the Libya cover up?

Now that I've got my snark out of the way, if you still think the debates aren't complete set-ups feel free to read the pre-debate agreement betwixt the candidates and moderators here. Don't you think it is a damn shame we can't have an honest, real debate between the candidates for the highest office in the country???

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