Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do I come off as insensitive?

Ok, I'm sick of these bailouts!!!

First of all, the mortgage bailout. When I bought my house I used my head. I didn't overextend myself. And when the slick mortgage salesman said "hey, how about this mortgage where you just pay the interest and never pay on principle?" I laughed at him. Even though I could have bought a bigger house, I'm not gullible. So, why the hell should I be the one to suffer now?? Why is this becoming the standard for America? The people who use their head and who do things right get penalized while the people who know they're taking a gamble and not doing the right thing keep getting bailed out. It's over and done with. It just pisses me off.

So this brings us to the autoworkers. The "Big Three". Hey, guess what? There are more than three auto manufacturers out there.
Why aren't we hearing Toyota and Honda crying and on their knees begging???

Let's look at a few things.

Obama spent election day at the UAW headquarters making phone calls asking people if they voted (for him). Of course, the unions endorsed Obama because, among other things, he's want open voting when workers are voting on unionizing or not. Imagine the harassment and violence that's going to occur when unions don't see names on the sheets once voting begins.

Now that Obama is going to get a green light on every liberal agenda he can think of, the "Big Three" are begging for a bailout. They're out of money. They're out of money because of the unions. Now "we the people" have to bail there asses out. And I don't want to hear shit about the ripples. Just like with the housing industry. If they're producing too much and still charging a premium it's their own fault. Nobody pays the piper anymore for their mistakes. Just the taxpayers.

Toyota has 2 vehicles that are union made. The Tacoma and Corolla. Why isn't Toyota crying??? Why are they not even being mentioned.

The Big Three run network TV adds every commercial break along with sponsor every NFL event out there. They piss money away. I know the commercials aren't the reason for the crisis but guess what? If I don't have money to pay the mortgage I'm not going to go out on a spending spree every day. Common friggin sense!!!

So, Obama is going to make sure we bail out the Big Three. Another entitlement!!

All of you people who voted for Barry really don't get it. He thinks all of America wants his liberal plan pushed through and it's not fair since most of the people who voted for him are not paying any taxes anyway.

Ya know, "natural selection" happens in the business world too. The problem is this country has gotten so use to bailouts it doesn't exist. So when the shit hits the fan and businesses that didn't really deserve to be in business in the first place realize they're screwed without more money, the government has to bail them out again.

Screw that!!!!! This is not Communism, this is not Socialism, this is Capitalism. We need to start acting like it again.


Right Winger said...

Oh, BTW, my views may not be the same as the owner of this blog.
So, no offense Zen.

Zen said...

none taken, as a matter of fact, I agree.