Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Obama Administration and the Future

Now that he's won and has an incredible majority in the House and Senate, let's see just what he accomplishes. Who will they blame? I guarantee the excuse will be " We inherited this from Bush". Unfortunately for them, that won't begin to cover the monumental failures and shortcomings of his presidency.

I think there are going to be a great many that are sorely disappointed in the outcome. The main stream media sold their credibility so that he would be elected. Sooner, rather than later they will turn on him as they are so want to do with all presidents but even more so now. You see, they will have to go after him and report the negatives, if for no other reason than to try and get that credibility back. It won't work. The more rabid on the left that believed all of the chosen ones promises are in for a shock when he can't deliver a quarter of those promises. Those same people will turn on the press and ask the question; "Why didn't you tell us?". The MSM will never really be trusted again and frankly, that's a good thing.

I have some predictions of what he will in fact accomplish. Contrary to what many of my fellow conservative contemporaries are saying and writing, I think the damage Obama will do to our country will very likely destroy America. The standard line is that America is just too big and powerful to be brought down in 4 years. The problem with that is that the fall started quite some time ago. Before Bush and his failed, yes I said failed, policies, our country started the slide. We continually elect leaders that do not have their constituent's nor the country's best interests at heart when they enact legislation. They openly admit to it at every turn and yet we re-elect them. They openly steal our tax dollars, what do we do? re-elect them of course. They take bribes in the form of campaign contributions from the organizations they are supposed to oversee, and vote in the interests of those people instead of doing the right thing. Our leaders are doing their best to govern by popular opinion and spin, rather than by what is right. They have sold themselves and our country to the highest bidder. This is what started the end. Below is what will finish America as we know it. In no particular order.

Illegal immigrants will be granted amnesty. This will increase the left's voter base. There is zero doubt this will happen.

The USA will abandon Iraq and Afghanistan. This will totally destabilize the region and bring the Taliban back to power.

TCO's proposed trillion dollar spending plan will not come to reality. He will spend a bunch, to be sure, but nowhere near that. What he will do is increase the tax burden on the 53% of us that currently pay all the tax collected by the IRS. This increased burden will lead to massive job losses due to small businesses choosing to save money rather than retain and hire new employees, further shrinking the numbers that pay taxes. The people that drive the economy, those with disposable income, will have less of that money to spend as more and more goes to taxes. Stores of all types will see ever shrinking revenues and will be forced to cut costs. Guess how. As this spirals into a downward helix, the problems created only intensify and will result in The Great Depression II. Don't worry though, there will be universal health care for you when you lose the job that provides you with great insurance.

TCO's open hand foreign policy will erode America's position as a superpower and embolden our enemies. Some of the effects of his foreign policy will be Iran becoming a nuclear power. Couple that with his plan to reduce our support of Israel and you will see an entirely new conflict in the middle east. Iran will be emboldened by this and will use tactical nukes to keep its stated mission of destroying Israel. Israel will of course use its own nuclear weapons in an effort to save themselves. The difference being that Israel has far more nukes at their disposal and when it comes to self preservation, they will not hesitate in the least to use them against all threats. The supply of oil from the middle east will drop to a trickle. Guess what that will do to the price of fuel.

There will be at least one terrorist attack in America during his first term. America will not respond to that attack.

Congress will back away from off shore drilling and revert to Pelosi and Carney's plan to only allow it 50 miles from the coast. No company will bother drilling there as there is little or no oil there. Fuel prices will do what?

For the first two years of his presidency, he will rubber stamp legislation that the left has been trying to get done for quite some time. We will see sweeping changes to our gun laws. Handguns of any type and semi-automatic rifles will see the most dramatic change. They will either be illegal for a citizen to possess or extremely difficult and expensive to purchase. He will pass draconian legislation that will make doing business for our corporations so difficult that even more will go offshore.

The last two years will be spent very moderately in hopes of re-election. This will not help. The people will remember how bad it is and who got the country to its lowest point.

My crystal ball has gone cloudy. Much of this will be avoided if TCO leads from the middle. I sincerely hope I am wrong about all that I wrote here. I just don't believe in my heart that I am. TCO has been a lifelong hard core liberal and it is extremely unlikely that he will change now. To the contrary, I think he will go even farther to the left.


Right Winger said...

I'm sure a lot of left leaners will view this as sour grapes or you just being an alarmest. I don't see it as that.
Ya know, it's a lot easier to take a punch if you're ready for it. He's going to cold cock all of these people who were in love with him and who ignored every bad thing about him. Well, they deserve whatever happens. At least those of us who saw through all of his crap will be expecting the screwing.
And I don't mean to say Obama is doing it to be evil. He's doing it because he put it all out there. The "bankrupting" of the coal plants, the raising of taxes. He put it all out there and the majority voted for him and how he really thinks the whole country wants it.
Assume the position.

Zen said...

I certainly didn't write it as sour grapes but as grim look at what the future may hold. I meant it when I wrote that I hope I am wrong. I hope TCO turns out to be the best president we ever had. Do I truly think that will be the case? Fuck no, but a man can hope and considering the alternatives, I'd rather he be a great pres. than go down in history as the worst and the man who was at the healm when the ship sunk.

Dan Cheek said...

Look on the bright side, Zenny-baby, "Sweet Lou" lost his election and won't be able to bring his horribly, flawed/non-existent leadership to the Federal government.

Now instead of weeping in your Cheerios, perhaps you might make yourself useful and begin discussing what the Republicans can learn from this election and what we can do to get back in power. And, sadly, blaming the media for everything and waiting for the country to be destroyed isn't very helpful.

You can do better, man! Look forward to reading your thoughts.

-Dan Cheek

Right Winger said...

Um, excuse me Mr. Cheek. How many conversations have you ever had with Lou about Hazleton? What do you really know about their problems?
Let me ask you a question. Let's preten you are now Mayor Cheek. Mayor of Hazleton. Now, within the past few years your population has doubled putting a strain on all public services but the tax base has remained the same. See, the problem is there are a bunch of illegals living there and leeching off the city.
Well, what would you do Mr. Mayor? See the problem with most people is they are so quick to criticize but they have no solutions to offer.
Dazzle me please. I've met Lou on a few occaisions and met Kanjorski on a few. Lou is twice the man Kanjorski would ever hope to be.

Zen said...

danny, poor simple minded danny, I would rather have voted for you than kandoucheski. you see, knajo is a proven and admitted thief and liar. he stole my tax dollars to give to his family. he admitted he lied along with all the dems to get re-elected. how you could've supported someone like that says a great deal about your character or lack thereof.

as for crying in my cheerios, I'm not. I knew obama would win. I find it hilarious that he has super majorities in both the house and senate. they can't shift the blame for their failures to anybody but the dems. as such, within 4 years the rupubs take back a ton of seats and will just have to let the dems fall on their faces to do so.

as for the media, they couldn't be more culpable (that means responsible). they refused to report in depth about anything negative on obama. their bias is now no longer a theory, it is a fact and they proved it themselves.

McGruff said...

Dan Cheek,

You were the bigot here. A bigot is a person who is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles, or identities differing from his or her own. The origin of the word bigot and bigoterie in English dates back to at least 1598, via Middle French, and started with the sense of "religious hypocrite".

Kanjo said he opposed illegal immigration. How is that any different? So aren't you being a hypocrite by supporting Kanjo but chiding Barletta?

You defended a country so a thief and crook can be part of the government. Please tell me how much you know about Lou living in Gouldsboro?