Tuesday, November 4, 2008

black panthers blocking election poll

Another terrorist group is supporting Obama. The Black Panthers are outside polloing places in Philly. They are armed and they are trying to keep whites from voting.


Anonymous said...

OMG, please one of you liberals out there agree that this isn't right. Aren't you embarressed?
This is what you people are doing to win now.
Again, double standard. If it were two white guys intimidating black people there would be such an uproar by now.
None of the major networks are touching this.

Right Winger said...

OK, no lie here.
I went on ABCNews.com to see if the liberal media had anything on this story and of course they don't. I went to their blogs to post a comment and let people know what's going on and every heading I tried to post it under blocked me saying the contect had suspected spam in it.
I'm gonna have a friggen anurism by the end of the day of this shit keeps up.
soooooooo frustrating getting the truth out.

Anonymous said...

Had it been kkk guys armed and intimidating black voters i think it would be the lead story and breaking news on every channel.

Zen said...

Update: Steve Corbett called the black panthers a political organization and had every right to be there. He says he is unaware of any reports that they are intimidating voters.


Anonymous said...

seriously, and I know people will think I sound like a crackpot, but this is just the beginning. Obama IS going to be the next president and I think this is a prime example of how the media will bury whatever they have to so it will happen and how is supporters will DO WHATEVER THEY HAVE TO while the media looks the other way.
It's over. I fear for my life.

Anonymous said...

I won't even bother watching your home made video(prob. not real anyway, maybe that's why it isn't on the news?).
The Panthers always go to the polls and provide some security for voters. Much of Phila. is not very safe and most people feel better that they are there. If some white people feel threatened just because they see a Black man, that's their problem.

Zen said...

Update: Fox news is the only channel covering it but at least one news outlet is!

Zen said...

anon 3:32, you are exactly correct!

anon 4:04, The media has done its level best to ignore anything that could be construed as negative about Obama. I don't see how you pointing that out makes you a crackpot. Don't be afraid but you should arm yourself. Assuming of course you're not already a typical white person that is bitter and clinging to religion and your guns. ;)

anon 4:09, I assure you the video is real and is on at least one news channel.

why is Philly so dangerous? why is Philly last years murder capital of the world?

I don't know about you, but I usually feel threatened when being confronted by two armed men and I am not a small guy. I highly doubt anybody feels safer because those thugs are hanging around.

Right Winger said...

You're caught. You created this video. Good job. did you build those sets out of plywood and put them around your back yard?? I'm a little pissed you didn't ask me to be in the video. I do recognize most of the people as your immediate family.
I don't know what the hell else to do but laugh. This is just sick. What's even more sick are all the proud peacocks actually happy with voting for the man who is going to send this country into turmoil.

Lindsay said...

this is so ridiculous! I am a democrat and there is no way I'd ever vote for Obama! It sickens me because people don't know or care what his views on the issues are! They just want an African-American in office. They don't see how this man is going to be the downfall of democracy! kind of already is! It's sad because I finally thought that this country was kind of past the whole race issue, but apparently SOME American's have not!

Zen said...

Tonight I went out for a little people first interaction. I was enguaged (polite speak for verbally assaulted) by a middle-aged female borat supporter. She asked who I voted for and I of course, told her, McCain. This cretin went on to abuse me for being an ignorant bigot etc etc ad nauseum and asked me to tell her why I voted for Mac. I said I'll give you 3 reasons why if you'll name just 1 accomplishment he has as a senator. The exchange follows;
me, why I wouldn't vote for the obamanation:
1. 153 days experience isn't nearly enough.
2. his known associations with terrorists and America hating farktards like Wright and Ayers.
3. He has promised to raise my taxes.

Her response to his accomplishment(s);
1. He voted against the war in Iraq.
I asked her if she knew he was only a sen. for 2 years. She said yes. I asked; How could've he voted against the war, it's going on 5 years?
she replied; I can't talk to someone like you.

and that ladies and gentlemen, is your average obama supporter. TOTALLY CLUELESS AND CONVINCED OF THEIR "FACTS'.

Zen said...

winger, I hope all that voted for obama are proud of themselves. they voted for the destruction of the America we grew up in. BRAVO DUMBASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!

by the way, you're such a ham, I wouldn't cast you for a Smithfield's ad.

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