Monday, November 3, 2008

Is Anyone Else Out There Afraid???

Ok, I honestly have to say this is the first time in my life I feel so helpless about what may be about to happen. I don't know what kind of Voodoo spell or mind altering subliminal messages were used to sway the masses to Obama.
I've never in my life come across so many people who are just complacent and lazy when it comes to defending their candidate. I've spoken to so many Obama supporters with the hope of getting into an intelligent political debate only to find THEY DON'T CARE. They can't defend their candidate. They can't give you ANY reason to vote for him other than "he's going to change things" or "he's in touch". What a bunch of crap!!!
I keep asking and no one will give me reasons.
Let me poke a few holes in Obama's talking points he's been using:

He's NOT just like us unless many of you reading this live in a 1.65 million dollar house while your brother lives in a hut in Kenya and your aunt lives in the projects. But he claims he's his brother's keeper?? Gee, I shudder when I think of how he's going to take care of all of us.

He is NOT who the people wanted. Hillary lost the nomination because of early voting even though she won all of the major states like CA, OH, FL, PA, and TX. Honestly, if this "disqualifying" of votes had occurred in the general you KNOW there would have been riots and protests.

He will NOT help this economy at all!!! Taxing the people who already pay more taxes then anyone else will not have a positive effect on ANYONE!! It's basic economics. But the sheep continue to follow.

Sure, the man is charismatic. He's a slick salesman!!! Anyone who is reading this who has ever been involved in sales knows what I'm talking about. His sales pitch is perfect. Tell the "customer" what they're going to "get" if they pick him. And the biggest sales trick of all........"assumed consent". Assume he already got the sale. He already won. Then the easy targets all sit there shaking their head yes and cast their vote for what will be their biggest mistake ever.

If he wasn't sexist, he would have allowed Hillary to be the nominee or what have asked her to run with him. That would have locked the win. If he wasn't sexist, her wouldn't have called female reporters "sweetie" on two occasions.

If he wasn't racist, he wouldn't have made the comments about small town Americans clinging to their guns and religion. Yes, RACIST. It goes both ways people. Small town WHITE American hicks, rednecks, coal miners, take your pick. He was referring to any of you who go to your local church on a regular basis. He was referring to all of you hunters and/or gun owners. He DOESN'T understand any of you.

It's just so frustrating. Ask an Obama supporter about any of the bad stuff and they keep saying it doesn't matter. The man is getting a pass on everything. What he must think of the mentality of his supporters.

I, as a McCain supporter, can make the argument for my candidate. He wants to let all of us keep more of our money because he knows we will spend it wisely. He wants America to be rich again by using our own resources and bringing back jobs by not having the U.S. as the second most expensive place in the world to do business. He has ALWAYS put his country first before himself from being a POW to campaign finance reform. He has a proven track record on all this.

I'll have a clear conscience tomorrow morning when I cast my vote. And once the Dems see it's closer than they thought it would be they'll do what they did in 2004 and go pick up people and offer "smokes for votes" and they'll "discover" stacks of punch cards that conveniently have that one hole punched or dimpled on every card with a vote for Obama. The writing's on the wall. They couldn't pull it off the last two times. This time they have a plan A, B, and C. They'll win. It'll be close but they'll find a way to make it happen.

When it does, I think I'll just quit my job and wait for that government handout. Why should I bust my balls every day working hard so people can sit on their porches and watch me go to work. Drinking and smoking, getting tattoos and fake nails with my tax dollars. That's the life for me. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em right?

I wish I drank the Koolaid. I wish I ignored all of the facts. I wish I could just follow the media blindly and accept everything they feed me. I wish I could be like those of you out there who will be pulling the lever for Obama. But I can't. I just don't get it. And nobody could give me a good enough reason to get it.


Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY agree i don't get it either

Anonymous said...

This President and his homely wife are DISGRACEFUL to the whole country. Can't wait until the White House has some class again. He is dumber than a black rock. She's useless and cares more about her hair, her black friends, and her outfits. UGH! The illiterate dumb blacks voted him in and they should be made to take an I.Q. test before geting a voting card ever again.

Anonymous said...

obama is like hitler a good oratory and that's what got him in - where the hell did that motherfucker come from anyway - all of a sudden he was there and them niggers went nuts voting for him