Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gun Sales are Through the Roof

I don't care which gun store you go to, you will find they are completely sold out of semi-automatic rifles and high capacity pistols. I was at Advanced Arms in Pittston on Saturday. This is a great store and they specialize in the above mentioned guns. They don't advertise, at least not that I've seen, yet there were 23 people in the store looking to buy. If you've seen any news reports, this is a national phenomenon. The real question is why?

Is it because people are certain that Obama with a rubber stamp congress will ban them? I'm certain that's part of it. Is it the fear of Obama forming his own private army that he affectionately calls his "Domestic Security Force"? I would bet that's part of it too. Is it a fear of increased crime as the economy continues to fail? Sure is. The distressing thing is that pres. elect Obama already wants congress to pass special legislation to stop all these gun sales. This was reported last night on network TV news. The moment he said that he further increased demand. The one industry he is having a positive effect on, he wants to crush. Ironic, heyna er no?

I recommend to all, if you're even thinking about purchasing, DO NOT WAIT!!!!!!!! Head on down to Advanced and see Chris. They will steer you in the right direction.


prsent said...

Advanced Arms is one of my favorite places to purchase guns, and - you're right - Chris will indeed help you out in making the right purchase.

As far as Obama, there is no doubt that he and the rest of the libs in DC are going to trash the 2nd Amendment. I trust, though, that the Supreme Court will try to overrule the dems' decision.

Zen said...

you mean the SCOTUS will until Obama appoints the new justices, right?

Right Winger said...

I was at Gander Mt. on Saturday and there was literally a line of people. The 4 workers couldn't keep up with the crowd. Everyone who was waiting, including myself, walked out with a gun.
As I listened to everyone bitch about the different ways Obama's going to stop gun and ammo sales (taxes, permits, penalties) I had to wonder, "Who the hell voted for him?"
The guy behind the counter that took care of me said it's been packed since the election. Funny how the media keeps reporting gloom and doom on the economy but they're ignoring the skyrocketing gun sales.
See, Obama was responsible for some good.