Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A lot to write about today

It just keeps getting better and better in Luzerne County if you happen to like to write about corruption. Judge Conahan's brother-in-law is the latest beneficiary of our tax dollars. Over $800,000. in the last 4 years. Two hundred thou per year!!!! Holy marthafocker, I am doing something wrong in my life. I need to get myself a relative/buddy in power at the court house.

Scrapheap points out that Urban recommended somebody to bid on supplying the prison with produce. Unlike Scrap, Urban's boy did a whopping $5,000. with the prison. For those who don't remember, Scrap's boy did $700 thou and change. yep Greg, Urban's on the same level as you, not. By the way Greg, how much of the $700,000 did you get?????????????

Our wonderful congressman from the 10TH is showing that he really represents his constituents. He is one of those strange beings known as a super delegate that will actually pick the next democrat to run in the general election. His district voted overwhelmingly for Billary Hatestherod,man Clinton. Yet Carney won't say who he is going to back. I think the only reason for this is that he didn't get his orders from Pelosi yet.

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