Monday, April 14, 2008

The 10th Congressional District Primary

Am I the only one that finds it amusing that everything Hackett's campaign has thrown at Meuser has blown up in their faces? These are the two that I find the most amusing.

1. their lob: Pride hired illegals.
shit and the fan: Hackett not only hired an illegal to work in his home. He paid her under the table. He didn't turn her in to le migre(sp?) I mean god dang, how fookin stupid can you be?

2. their lob: Meuser gave money to democrats.
shit and the fan: Hackett not only donated 80% of his poltical money to dems he also gave Greg "pay to play" Scrapheap $5,000 and mysteriously ended up with a $700,000 county contract. The answer to the above question, this fookin stupid.

Mr. Hackett, if I may be so bold, you should tell your campaign rats to tell you what they think is the right direction and then you should do the exact opposite. Hell, you couldn't do yourself any more harm than they have.

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Anonymous said...

did you hear hacketts new tv ad complaining about his opponents negative ads? he deserves your brass ball of the day award