Friday, May 2, 2008

Social Security

While I tend to leave this one alone, I can't help but talk about a few things now. If you are under the age of 48 as I am now, like as not, you will not see a penny from it. We pay and pay, but the reality is that people have collected far more from it than they ever paid in. While this is part of the puzzle of money management gone wrong, it isn't the only piece. There are now more people collecting it than paying into it and this ratio will only get worse. Then factor the reality is that civil unions and gay marriage will become reality. Regardless of your own personal opinion, this will in my lifetime, become reality. I want to know from our government how they intend to cover survivor's benefits when we radically increase the number of beneficiaries. How will they explain to people like me that they are sorry there is no money left? As the system is now, I truly doubt I will ever see a penny from it. Luckily (sic), I will not need it. But, I ask you fellow Americans to ask our elected politicians how they intend to remedy the problem. I have been paying just short of 10k per year into this lost refuge for literally all of my adult life. Every year I get a statement telling me how much I will get upon retirement. I say horsehockey, I know I will get nothing but I do want one of these political horse's asses to comment on the problem.


NEPAConservative said...

Glenn Beck expresses best what you and I both think. GOD HELP US !!!

NEPAConservative said...

I like the monkey's outta my butt line. Glenn has a way with words.

BTW, all three of these horses asses commented on the problem..well they mentioned it.

What do you think about private accounts ? I think it's a good idea at least.

Zen said...

I'm not sure if private accounts are the answer but at least it would be some type of action.