Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Black eye for Luzerne County Government

As has been covered on Gort's blog http://gort42.blogspot.com, Scrapheap's best friend Sam "I am the Problem" Guesto has really screwed the pooch this time. He even has Petrilla after his head. Poor old Scrap has no comment. Well, no shit Sherlock. He is your boy and doesn't so much as blow his nose without your permission. The fact that the warden has come out and said he was present when Guesto ordered the no bid bullshit has to be taken very seriously. He has put his job on the line for telling the truth. No matter what Petrilla says, Guesto should be suspended without pay immediately. Scrap should take a leave of absence until the investigation is complete. If laws were broken, and it sure as fark looks that way, certain local political hacks need 3 hots and a cot courtesy of the state for a few years. That includes you, scrap!!! The one amazing question I have is, who is this outside agency that is conducting the investigation????

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