Monday, April 14, 2008

Obomber and his latest foot in mouth problem

I poke some fun at politicos and their various mistakes but this one takes the farkin cake. Rule number one if you are a politician; never talk about guns. Obama's record shows him to be a rabid gun control advocate. Many people were unaware of this, so what does donkey ears do, brings it right to the fore front. You can google his record and if I'm lying, I'll not only kiss your ass, I'll give you three days to draw a crowd to watch. This grab the guns from the law abiding piece of shit got caught in his own real opinion. The fact is, if you're anti second amendment like this farktard and want to win office, you have to keep that shit to yourself. People like me, the disenfranchised, bitter, religious, gun owners don't take kindly to you liberal crack pots. I am not a redneck, backwards, misanthrope. I am a successful, educated guy. I have a PhD from U.H.K. If any of you don't know the school, ask and I'll tell. So listen up you piece of shit limousine liberal, you only offended about half of America. Rule number two for people running for national office; Don't mention religion when yours is at the fookin least, very suspect. Your church, on their own website claims an unwavering support for Africa and your pastor curses America's very existence. Are you completely retarded????????


Dana said...

Bumper sticker stolen! :)

Zen said...

You should've grabbed the Obama campaign pin from my site as well. Thanks for the mention.